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Deadly, Lucky, Evil

Well, ladies and gentlemen - I'm back. It's probable nobody noticed I was gone. However, now my brief hiatus from EVE is over, I can get back to telling you all the heart-pounding stories of me shooting stuff and one of the parties involved exploding!

Recently, I have done something I told myself I would never do - I trained Gallente. I am now wondering why I never did before. My ship of choice, the Myrmidon, is an engine of destruction the likes of which I have never been priveleged to fly before. My T2 drones probably help on that front.

Today, I was cruising around in my lowsec of choice, when I noticed that one system only had one contact in local. I thought it was unlikely that he'd be out in belts, but in my infinite optimism, I tried directional scan anyway. Lucky me - I managed to pick up a Drake. As I have said before, I am aware of the Drake's wonderfully powerful tank - but the way I had my myrmidon fitted, I was pretty confident I could break it. Warping to the belt he was at, I landed 40km away from him - he was busy looting a battleship spawn he'd just finished killing.

Hitting my MicroWarpDrive, I began burning towards him, fully expecting him to turn away and start running for the space-hills. To my pleasure, he instead burned towards me, locked me, and proceeded to hurl missiles at me. A willing victim is always more fun! At this point, I was still 30km away, and my shields were already down - but seeing as I was in a Gallente ship, this simply meant that combat was happening. His missiles were markedly less effective on my armour - two more shots before I closed into weapons range and I hadn't had to cycle one of my repairers.

Throwing my Warp Disruptor and webifier onto him to prevent an expeditious retreat, I began pounding away with my blasters. I then noticed him launching a flight of tech 1 drones, so my tech 2 lights were sent with them. Violently.

As soon as his drones were down, my light drones were called back for a well deserved break, and it was the turn of the medium drones to work their magic! With my drones thrown upon him too, the Drake's tank was dropping...worryingly quickly. I opened a conversation with the pilot, and told him my ransom demand - 15 million for the safe release of his ship. The pilot responded with a plea to stop firing on him, but I wasn't going to comply until I could safely finish him with a single volley if his friends showed up. Local was still clear, but you can't be too careful.

As the Drake entered structure, something rather...strange...happened. A capsule appeared by the Drake. The pilot had...ejected? Well, that certainly is new. Ceasing fire upon the Drake, I advised the pilot to run in our conversation, whilst locking up the pod. No such action was undertaken by my adversary, and as such, he woke up in a clone vat.

Warping back to a station (And throwing a bookmark down at my previous location), I once again checked local - clear of anyone but me. As such, I hopped into my own pod, warped back to the Drake, and claimed it as my own. I then saw why he dropped so fast - it was fully T1 fitted. Not too badly, but still T1 fitted.

I then checked the age of the pilot I had just podded...ah...three months. That explains a LOT. Urgh. Feeling slightly guilty, I warped back to highsec in my new shiny Drake, stored it in a station, and grabbed my Myrmidon again. There was more fun to be had on this day!

I'll knock the dents out of the Drake later. Hopefully, the pilot learned something. Hopefully. I guess I should feel bad about doing that to a new player, but hey - he made the decision to go to lowsec!

I'm still confused as to why he ejected, but I can't say it ended badly for me! And in the end, isn't that what EVE is all about? Yes. Yes it is. =)


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StovAkor on :

Heh, some guys got all the luck. Cool story and congrats on the drake. Being he was so new maybe he thought he had to manually eject from his ship before it exploded. Hard lesson for him.

Malicious Envy on :

Great story. My account is 1 day old (after 14-day trial) and I'm scared to death. 1 more reason for me to stay outta low sec...for the time being.

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