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Greetings from CCP,

CCP Games is pleased to announce a Live Dev Blog on the topics of Customer Support and Security. The Live Dev Blog will take place on Thursday, May 26th at 22:00 UTC.

Live Dev Blogs are audio broadcasts from CCP heard in-game through our Vivox-provided EVE Voice service. These broadcasts will provide an opportunity for the EVE Online player community to get to know the CCP devs and our work a bit better, and we’re also looking forward to answering questions that the EVE player community has for CCP.


CCP Soundwave will host the Live Dev Blog and will be joined by seasoned Senior Game Masters, Nythanos and Nova, along with CCP‘s very own security expert CCP Sreegs.

Alexey Rybak (CCP Spitfire)
Russian Community Coordinator
EVE Online


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