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Battle of the north

The battle of the north has begun once more, this time Phoenix Alliance and the R.I.S.K alliance as opposing sides.

Due to the sheer number of smack and whatelse from either side I've not yet responded to the "R.I.S.K ?" discussion thread on the forums.
However it makes me sad to see the amount of disinformation which is posted by people who arent even involved.

"R.I.S.K fleet got pwned!" etc.
"RISK got totally owned as expected"
Now, think of this as R.I.S.K calculated losses. P-A are over thousand member strong. R.I.S.K got less than hundred.
What people fail to realise is that RISK hasnt posted much about what we've done in return.
We remain silent.

Now to some unclassified information which is already known to P-A:

We moved in and taken sovereignity. P-A has been spending more time smacking than protecting their assets, this has lead to them having to move out of their systems.
I've seen P-A post and claim that they have 5 dreadnaughts ready to jump-in and lay waste to all of us. Right, I welcome you. Infact, I encourage you to jump in with 5 dreadnaughts which we can take-out. It'll be great-fun with such opposing forces.

Day 1:

The attack begun early in the morning on saturday, we moved our fleet up in 0.0 silently and deployed our POS's.
We took out some enemy battleships and POS deployment haulers who werent careful enough to keep a watch on local and our kill numbers quickly grew.

Afterdowntime we encountered a fleet of P-A who were 3 to 1 ratio to us and we faced our first calculated loss.
But this didnt change the fact we had finished stage 1 of our operation.

The day continued slowly and we've been busy doing behind the scene actions. These actions are yet not unclassified and remain secret.

Day 2:
We claimed sovereignity and whilst a 60man strong P-A fleet waited in the nextdoor system, unwilling to jump in our forces conquered a station with only 20 pilots.
To this moment I'm uncertain of why P-A didnt take action. Perhaps they were worried we'd have backup to login? Maybe we had maybe we didn't. Who knows.

During the day we've been pinning lone battleships of P-A whilst their slow big blob can do nothing else but to keep chasing our strikeforces.

More information will be posted as the story unfolds. Much remains classified since I'm certain some P-A members will be reading this website.


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perfection on :

First time to these pages and I know this is old news but you guys rock. I just hate these people who think numbers will automatically win. Brains and a small sharp stick not brut force and ignorance has a lot going for it.

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