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Battling commence

A short encounter, P-A had 65 people in local and we had 23.
Mostly enemy battleships and a couple of support-ships we decided to take them on while they were sitting on the gate.

We took down a muninn, a geddon and a tempest before we warped out. The P-A fleet shortly left the system after they noticed we were constantly bringing their ships down before they got to deal any good damage vs us.

I got called as a primary or secondary target in the first encounter, they managed to get me to half armour before we got out. But by the time we had already downed the muninn. The second encounter they lost the tempest, and third they lost the geddon.

Too slow big blob who rely on "lag":ing system by dishing out max amount of drones wont cut it anymore P-A.



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muninn pilot on :

you probably didn't notice but i jumped out when i had 20% armor left. you were probably too occupied with the whole warping out thing.....
well cowards 4TW ;-)

Ander on :

Sorry but your "pod" was on the overview.

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