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Getting around Warp Bubbles

I need to buy a new skill and test out this brilliant ship setup idea I had, so make my way from 37-S in stain to Agil. Its 40-50 jumps but I have instas all the way. As I Jump into WD-VTV, I see an unusual amount of ppl in local. Fearing a bubble, I warp to a planet and scan the gate. Sure enough, they have a small mobile warp disruptor out. USually not a big deal, but they did have quite a few assault frigs that could fry my little vigil. These were IRON. BURN EDEN had recently taken a contract against 3 northern alliances and had killed a lot of IRON ships. Our relationship was sour at best. What to do, what to do?

So I did what any gun ho, fearless pirate would do......... I held a quiz for them.

For the best part of half an hour I held an eve trivia quiz with small cash prizes.

Examples of questions were:
Which Alliance held tribute on the 10th of July 2005?
How many jumps from Agil to Torrinos?

They seemed to like it, and hate me slightly less, enough at least for them to agree to let me past.

Morale of the story: Not all problems can be solved by violence, sometimes even the most die hard pirate must talk his way around obstacles.


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Kathleen on :

lol suprised it worked but glad it did, thats a pretty inovative approach :-)

Anonymous on :


Anonymous on :

Son, I am Disapoint.

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