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P-A bites the dust

The Phoenix Alliance had gathered over 40 battleships, the total number of enemies in local consisted of roughly 80 members while R.I.S.K protected their assets and tactical posts.

A word was handed out and our friends from FIVE silently moved up toward BKG-Q2.
For several hours R.I.S.K played cat and mouse with P-A who were often the mouse running with major force.

In the end P-A decided to put up a camp on one of the gates exiting the system but this would prove to be a fatal mistake.
2 jumps away our friends had gathered and were ready to move in on our signal.
R.I.S.K with 20 battleships jumped in to the gate and FIVE with 37 members jumped into the system.

P-A had setup several bubbles to prevent our escape, instead it turned into preventing their escape.
Many ships were lost on both sides, but in the end P-A bite the dust and left the battlefield with far more losses than us.
Scattered cross the systems the remaining P-A survivors are hunted by the R.I.S.K / FIVE coalition.

Is this the defeat of P-A?
Perhaps, yet we're hoping they will bring their 8 dreadnaughts soon which they've promised to bring for more than 2 weeks.
Death counts

And to summarize this encounter:
[23:40:01] Vtec7 > kill me im sick of this fckn game


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PA on :

/emote cries

maybe we will learn next time that, our leaders lied when they told us that 500 drones would give us secret GOD cheats, and infinite ammo

Shin Ra on :

That absolutly sucks. I hate when people do stuff like that. Its senseless.

Kathleen on :

It was a good fight; I enjoyed it a lot despite the rare loss of my ship due to lag.

The losses on both sides were actually about equal according to the current kill mail postings, which to me is surprising since PA was severely outnumbered in the battle.

Most of the time I find R.I.S.K to be cowardly ganking snipers, I wish I could say this battle showed them differently but it sadly did not. However they didn't run away in the first minute of battle like they are a custom to doing, which I found very interesting but not surprising since they knew in advance they would have PA vastly outnumbered in the battle with the fleet of .5. inbound to do their dirty work.

I hope this is the first of many ‘actual combat’ encounters with R.I.S.K but without the continued aid of .5. I don’t think it’s too likely to be the case. PA wasn’t prepared for the battle but did very well considering, don’t count us out just yet boys ;-)

siim on :

Right so your saying u were realy outnumbered

well whatever

Doesn't change the fact we killed 20 bs and lost 3 and lots of support :-D

Deja on :

I think you need to lay off the drugs.

You lost tons of battleships. I wasnt there and had a browse of the killboards after the event. My initial impression was that RISK and [5] ripped you a new one. This is in fact what happened.

How sad must it be to post things on here when even you dont believe it?

Ajaya on :


As Kathleen proved in her continued rambling in local, the majority of what she states is in point of fact, just nonsense she pulls out of her ass. RISK had aprox 25 people in gang, several of which were only frigates and a couple coverts. PA had over 40 BS plus about 15-20 smaller ships ranging from BS to frigate. [5] had a total of 37 ships. PA had more BS in total than both [5] and RISK forces combined, and was only slightly edged by our covert ops :-P

I also love to hear about cowardly ganking snipers. Hey guys, lets take our 10 and go warp in at 15 km to those 40 enemies! Then, let's stick around long enough to die! It's called tactics, DUR. If PA and their allies that help them had any sense they'd fit for range when they know that's what they're fighting. Logic dictates, if you have more numbers than another force, and you load out for the same range, then you should be able to inflict as much if not more damage. Yet somehow, we warp in with far lesser numbers in regularity, focus fire as a group (something the PA has not yet shown the ability to do) destroy some targets and almost always warp out with out losses. Rinse, repeat over and over. This always results in PA packing up and running for the hills once their numbers get thinned down to omg, almost even!

Anyways, love the site Ander, keep up the posting of the truth.

Ander on :

Of our gang after the battle I saw at most a total of 5 pods on "allied" side.

And at the battle-scene I saw at least 15 frozen corpses which of none were an allied member.

Kathleen you're still pulling things right out of your ass.
Your rambling about how 'combat drones' are supposed to be used was proven wrong.
Your estimation of equal losses were also proven wrong.
Your estimation of P-A being outnumbered was WRONG WRONG WRONG.

First of all, you DONT take out drones in fleet battles when the range is over 60km!
Second, the losses were NOT equal as you say. I counted 3 pods in my gang (R.I.S.K) after the battle and 2 FIVE pods.
R.I.S.K warped in first, took most fire during the time FIVE had to load up their screen due to your "drone lagging" tactics.
It's funny how your methods struck back on yourself and you're now whining "lag lag lag".
Third, the count in local was 110 people pre-five jumping in.
There was 20-27 in gang on R.I.S.K at any given time. While you had 80 confirmed people in local who were friends of yours or member of your alliance. Of these you had roughly 50 at minimum when a few of yours were AFK mining with alts or whatever you were doing. During the battle you had much stronger numbers, I'd estimate up to 70 ships.
Face it, you got wtfpwn3d as some would say.
Five jumped in with 37 members, no magical 100 ppl fleet like you were closer to having.

In total the max number which the R.I.S.K and FIVE coalition could muster would've been 60, where of a bunch was frigs.

During the actual battle I saw a top-number of 150ppl in local. That means you had 90 confirmed allied available . Where of at least 70 people fighting since map showed roughly 5 people docked and active during the battle when I could check.

And you still do not include the numerous of kills after and before the battle we took when your stragglers kept trying to flee the system or dock.

siim on :

About what u can base ur argument 'Losses on both sides were pretty equal'

Saying stuff without any facts to prove em is just wrong. :-P


Anonymous on :

5 only had 19 bs against 40 bs and we still ripped you apart. thankd risk for you help. it was a good day all round. from five and risks point of view

Kathleen on :

RISK had 30 member gang and FIVE had 60+, PA had 61 in gang, you show me how that equals PA with more in the battle.

I don't care how many were online at the time, I'm talking how many were in the battle, and they were counted by multiple sources before and after the battle.

If you don't think the losses were close try reading the killboards, they sorta speak for themselves and more than prive my case. I'm done talking with you guys, clearly you can't admit whats already known to be fact.

Ander on :

Count friendlies and count enemies.
You'll find that there're far more of you than there was of us.

Plus.... it'll pretty much explain proper use of drones.

Kathleen on :

What do you think the video actually shows? You can't count anything acurately from that lame ass video.

All it shows is lag, and PA had the exact same issues, don't don't whine to me about it, I was there.

You can argue the point of the drones till the cows come home, I used mine 20k off the gate for battle and they did their job. With or without drones it was and will always be a lag fest until CCP changes things, there has never been a fleet battle that didn't lag, look for some new excuses...

siim on :

FYI kathleen .5. had 42 person gang before jumping in. and about 30ppl when ppl had loaded since many of them crashed because of your drone gayness.

Stop making stuff up from your own ass kathleen

Xenios Alfar on :

Is it me or is kathleen nothing but a flamer? resorts to things like 'Lame ass video' Hmm. Your not giving PA a very good reputation kathleen. I think you need to buck your ideas up before you come ranting on here. Kthx bye!

Invisible Touch on :

Just found this thread. Its an old story but truth is in bs numbers 5+RISK had ~5 bses more. That's about equal from my pov anyways. It was one laggy hell of a fight, I died when I warped back in due to laaag, but it's ok. Total losses were more or less equal. Props to RISK for having balls throughout their campaign in Branch. The days of your presence were fun.

P.S. About the drones issue, you are right from your pov. Fact is though we were expecting [5] to jump in, so it was supposed to be a close-mid range fight with them.
P.S.2. No props to [5] I am afraid. Smack smack smack not to my personal liking.

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