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Todays events in BKG

I have to give it to P-A (Phoenix Alliance), they are quick on regrouping and bringing up more battleships.
However their fleet consisted of a joint coalition of their ally F-E (The Forsaken Empire).

They also didnt resort to drone abuse until at the end of the evening.

So I woke up around 2hour after DT and went on a killingspree with the fleet command.
We killed a couple of their battleships, their support and disrupted their POS deployment.

Then we all took a break and I went to sleep for 3 hours.
At 6pm I returned and joined up with the gang which did strikeattacks on the enemy.
It was pretty funny to see how they all sat stationary and warped with a fleet 4-6 times as big as ours at various times.

We had at most 15 battleships, a couple of interceptors and scouts, while they had up to 40 in local plus support.

The evening slowly went along and we kept tearing on their defences, picking them on one by one.

Anyone who has seen the movie Serenity knows which scene Im talking about when I say that I felt like one of the reavers who jumps through the clouds surrounding a planet right into a fleet.

At this time I felt like the reavers, we just did what we do the best. Kill and wreck havoc.
Of course we're a bit smarter than the reavers so we didnt stick around for the enemy-fleet to find out exactly what was going on and we kept moving around.

Every attack diminishing their numbers one by one. In total we lost one battleship this evening and at the end P-A started deploying drones. On one occasion though and I asked them politely to remove the drones and they did so.

However, I'm not very pleased of how P-A kept "conversation spamming" a few of our members when we warped in.
Please cease that, sure we can ignore the invites but it's still irritating.

BKG is besieged by R.I.S.K, no doubt about that.
We fight outnumbered at most times and P-A doesnt seem to want to fight when the numbers equalize.

All in all, we've had a fun night of fights and picking on superior number forces.
100 in local... 20 friendlies.. well, the numbers usually dont look well. But somehow we still manage to pull through.

The battle for BKG continues!


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