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Is this the end of Phoenix Alliance? Enemy dreadnaught stolen!

Tonight we took the BKG station, we stole one of their dreadnaughts (pictures and fraps will be posted here!).
They had left the dreadnaught unattended at a POS without a proper forcefield-password, so we simply bumped it outside the forcefield and stole it.

We warped in several small frigs to distract the warpscrambler, and finally escaped with the dreadnaught.

Is this the victory R.I.S.K have saught ?

Personally I fail to see how P-A will rise out of this, a dreadnaught stolen. A key system in this region taken-over.

Is this the end of Phoenix Alliance?


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wootzro on :

Wow. oh wow.

WHO leaved a DREAD in a POS?!?

I mean, the owner of a dread can't be a noob..

If I left my dread in a pos and it got taken.. I'd recycle my character on the spot.

Dezzy on :

BoB had controll of all their major systems for a long time... unless your planning to settle for the forseeable future they'll be back.

Anonymous on :

It will be populated. ;-)

Teh Shaz on :

Kudos, looking foward to the pics

And the past tense of leave is left :-P

Arti K on :

I wanted a naglfar, but they were fresh out of abadoned naglfars at their POS :'(

Anonymous on :


Kathleen on :

I wish I had something witty to say about this, but sadly I think its pretty damn funny myself. PA has been around through the good and the bad times, lately more of the bad but through it all, remember this...

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach.

MAXSuicide on :

as i have no money whatsoever, i feel for the poor n00b that lost his dreadnaught :'(

GJ guys heh...

Kathleen on :

I 'think' that dread was actually alliance owned, but I do feel for the pilot that has to explan how he misplaced it.

Glassback on :

Well done, the best thing i've heard in months.

Kudos to you.


ribbo on :

always like to hear those arrogant PA being made to look like fools

Rodge on :

It couldn't happen to a more deserving alliance :-)

Nice work Ander, keep it up!

Trey Azagthoth on :

Very nice guys. Though I doubt this incident will kill the whole alliance... They've been through a lot.

Luc Boye on :

That's PA allright :-P

fisty on :

lol....way to go

TIO 101 on :

oh man.. why did i have to log to goto sleep :-(

RollinDutchMasters on :

Now I will certainly beleive PA pilots when they tell me that theyre the best alliance ever.

k starwind on :

well done KUDOS to you all.

... on :

while this is a set back i believe PA will defeat you

whitesnake on :

well 5/11/2005 r.i.s.k. lost both bkg and d4r stations. Although they are well organized and tough, they are making a war they just cant win. We had good fights, of course their style was warp in 120 km, stay for 30 sec warp out, guerilla tactics lvl5 from day one till today.

Anonymous on :

And of course your tactics was to sit there with 5x their size fleets?

Anonymous on :

Well, what do you expect trying to take territory from an alliance that outnumbers you 10 fold? It was an unexpected and brave move, but will prove to be a bad idea in the long run, stick to camping gates in rancer and you might have better luck :-D

Anonymous on :

Just saying you are probably too confident in size being everything.
You got to learn how to use it too.

This is entirely EVE-related btw..

Panther on :

I just cant beleive what I just read, I am looking forward to Fraps and screenshots of this. It just seems impossible that someone would leave a Dready close enough to the edge of the field allowing it to be bumped out.

Lol on :


why the fuck did you steal my FUCKING DREADNAUGHT!!

FUCKING NEGROS, should be fucking enslaved

Anonymous on :

Can you ban this moron's IP pls?

Frohike on :

Yeah! I'll lynch all of them!

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