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Detailed info on how the dreadnaught was stolen

Ajaya explains in detail how we took the dreadnaught (Source)


PA forgot to set the password.
PA forgot to set security right, which allowed neutral corp (noob corp) to enter the POS without being shot, and bump the ship out of the bubble.

No spy was needed for this. We discovered these mistakes of PA by trial and error using our own guys and alts in neutral corps. In the end, we took the risk of warping a BS w/ nanos and mwd in after the tests, and found that it worked perfectly. All the while, several PA were watching this and they and their alliance did nothing to respond.

The warping in of the fleet to 'distract' the pos as Lordy boarded and warped out was no exploit, it was quite smart and well coordinated. The ships that warped in were attacked by the online station, and there was a certain level of luck involved in lordmix being able to align and warp out before being hit by a scramble battery.

All in all, just some really foolish mistakes by PA, who I might add, sure did brag about and run their mouths about stealing and destroying our hualers using the same tactic.

And yeah, 2 - 2.5 bil isk + equip isn't THAT much anymore, but for whoever owned it, sucks to be you, and it takes away a dread from PA to use against us and gives us another to use against them. Plus, it's a huge moral hit to an alliance already feeling the pressure. Twisted Evil


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[DECAD]Arianna on :

Hm i think our Moral isnt broke.

The lost of the dread is happen who cares...

We got our Region back and also all Stations ...

and hm... A huge thing helps us... doing 18k dmg per hit ... mayby its a lvl 10 frig or a Dread...

U will never win against us the only thing that makes u win the 2 stations is that we r slow in engaging problems like R.I.S.K but if the plan is made we gonna kick u... have fun with the Dread next time it Blows up in a nice Explosion like ur poses m8^^

Ander on :

Offline/undefended POS's are pretty easy to take down.
A mistake on our part. Wont say more than that at the moment.

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