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Eve Update

As Many people have probably noticed, Eve is lagging to hell and back. If you were one of the unfortunate ones to have lost their ship(s) like me :-( due to lag you cannot even petition yet. CCP is moving their offices and their e-mail stuff is down (which includes other petitions) and should be back on Monday. So don't spam the official forums with "DUDE WTF?!1 YOU SAID OTHER PETITIONS WERE WORKING AGAIN!!1"

Edit: And no, it wasn't to rats :-P


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Sun Ra on :

Whats the average age of WOR pilots? you're an up and coming corp, trying to get some respect, well you're going the wrong way about it

WOR catch 2 bs with 12/13 ships and get so happy? kinda expect this from carebears tbh

Alarik Semler >
Lock out > lol...
Toffee > RAWR
4runner >
enjoi > 4runner
enjoi > did they
really jump in
Alarik Semler >
They're in local
Alarik Semler >
haha, sorry you
enjoi > FUCK
enjoi > FUCKING
enjoi > IM GLAD
> did we get all of
psycorabbit >
Lock out > lol..
raven mega
Alarik Semler >
Lock out > no
> doh
> who was suposed
to scram 3rd

Ander on :

haha.. I have to say that I know these guys and they exaggerate a lot in local while laughing like crazy on ventrilo/teamspeak.

Add in lots of smileys and you'll catch the real context :-D

Teh Shaz on :

My understanding is that most of the things said was about enjoi being mad about crashing while you guys jumped through. The rest was about someone scramming the wrong target. If you think that is childish, talk to the members of Slackers Industries or Omni-Core Freedom Fighters. I was blinded by all the "dirka dirka's" and "muhamad gi'hads" in local.

Frankinator on :

Even then, they're still like 5bs kills behind in kills :/ nothing much to brag about.

Alarik Semler on :

Loloolololol I'm gonna profess my belief that bragging is infantile and then I'll brag about being 5 BS kills ahead ROFL

That's kind of like petitioning war rivals for language. Or not. Who knows?

Teh Shaz on :

Well, first off the web host or whoever was very displeased about me saying ****tease one time. Please don't use that kind of language, thanks.

As for Wor being up and coming, we continually expand and are already established both economically and politically in the world of eve, with members since beta.

As for the "who has a bigger penis contest"
And, don't lie about kills. Flame war over.

Sun Ra on :

Haha i find it funny you guys keep goign on about that EON thing, if you look its corps with 25 players or more which excludes most pirate corps out there and also most of us were in TRS at the time when those stats were taken, as far as i can tell at least 50% of your 64 members arent even -5

Leet Al on :

It's just a game.
Everyone chill out.

theo on :

I know this is old, so sue me

first of all, i would not consider WOR 'up and coming' in any regard.
second, are you trying to tell us that you don't get happy when you gank something with a vastly superior firepower?
and as for the EON thing; it was just an average of the sec status of all the members in a corp. if your estimate about the number of outlaws in our corp is even close to accurate, then that makes our achievement to get on that list even more impressive when you think about how many miners, builders, mission-runners and alts we've got in that average. and how easy is it to have a low corp security average when you've only got a dozen hardcore pirates in it?
and that's the first time i've seen any of us "going on about the EON thing." we all knew it was basically a joke; a simple mathematical average. but if youve got any other examples where we rely on that little award, then i'd be glad to see them.

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