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Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

A couple days ago, I was coming back from 0.0 with an Exeq full of nice booty. I'm coming back at 1 am, no one is really ever on or camping. Map shows no kills in the past hour. I happen to run upon a gate camp of Just bs's. I Think I'm fine, but oh am I wrong. Each BS had like three sensor booster ii's or some ammount. I'm locked within a second and popped. About 400 million isk lost, and none of the great stuff popped like a local expander, or 8 1600 tungs, or the faction hardener, tracking comp, etc. So the killers easily got at least 200 million of booty off of my kill. Very displeasing night. :-( . So next time I will take a few trips so such a loss does not occur. Lesson re-learned :-( .


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Ander on :

Aww man :-)
You should come with our ops instead when passing through 0.0.

Anonymous on :

Haha, good for you, ya frickin pirate :-)

Lyticus on :

Heh, I know the feeling mate, I usually try to transport my goods RIGHT after downtime, its usually safest then imho. And since downtime is only about 9-10pm here in Australia, its pretty easy for me.

Ifni on :

I dont do large hauls, i just ferry it out after im done.

Shin Ra on :

BURN EDEN haul all our loot in our battleships. We usually end up getting into fights along the way. I remember one time 4 of us had over 3 bil in loot and we jumped into a 5 bs gate camp in HED. We had 3.2 bil loot when we jumped into Keberz :-D

Ifni on :

Well having lots of stabs improves the chances of a bs with loot getting out alive. So its not really "risking" the loot. I figures it will take 5bs to hold a BE raven down anyway, so most of your guys would get out anyway.

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