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Breaking news. This min. the patch has been released

Hopefully they fixed all the damn bugs.

Edit: server to be up ar 0200 gmt

Edit2: someone was nice enough to put in mirrors in comments if the official one blows now.

Edit3: TQ is on starting up mode. Hopefully soon.



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Teh Shaz on :

~60 megs. Have fun guys. The official link is MUH better then the cold war one. I download +1 meg a second :-)

Pliskkenn on :


:-O Luckily this should only take a few minutes, then I'll be all happy floaty, shot and deaded.

:-D Chasing pirates then running away FTW

Pliskkenn on :

Aww....2 more hours...I'm thinking I'll just go bed, hopefully I'll be able to sleep without delay.

Anonymous on :

1mb/sec here too, nice

bob on :

Teh Shaz on :

Another mirror:

Ander on :

Disclaimer: and its authors does not take responsibility for any trouble installing those patches.

kirex on :

looks like it might start up this time

The destroyer on :

how do i get EVE-pirate????

Snake eyes on :

I got a copy of the client from a friend to try out the 14 day trial, but got a virus that nailed all my .exe files.
Can anyone send me the files in a .zip (all the files)


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