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Now Fed Up.

I hate the invul timer. In the image below you will see how long the person was undocking from a station, only to redock. Twenty seconds. It may not seem like a long time to some people, but twenty seconds is a Long time. Lemme throw some facts down. You can use a med rep ii twice in 24 seconds withough skill bonus, an ion blaster cannon ii fires every 6.75 seconds without skill bonus, an e500 vamp will take 230 cap, two cap booster 800 charges can be injected into your cap, you can possibly be jammed (every 20 seconds).

More works by me to come in another week. And now im back off to study, write a couple reports, and seduce my teachers for better grades. Hey, ones like 22 and pretty good lookin too :-P.


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Ander on :

Some info as this post is a little flawed.

It's a simple tactic when undocking and being camped at station.
If you dont click in space or do anything, after 20sec you can dock before enemy can target you.

However, the moment you do anything. click in space, use modules etc.Then you will be vurnurable and enemy can lock and shoot and station will still possibly say you cannot redock for a couple of seconds.

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