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Caine Domini

Last Saturday caine domini, CEO of confederation navy died in a car crash. Im sure his corp mates will remember him and miss him dearly. Sympathies go towards his family and friends.

-Xenios Alfar.


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Pliskkenn on :

I didn't even know of the guy, but theres something really depressing about being told someones died, then you try to find out what they did, and then I personally usually associate that with the feeling you get when someone you know's died. It's weird, and horrible. Sympathies.

cmi on :

Yeah, don't know him too, but in the forum of his alliance you can find a link to a newsarticle about the accident. An crazy driver hit his car - he didn't have any chance :-(


invader13 on :

Deepest sympathies to his family and friends, did not meet the guy in game but sad for your loss.

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