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Old Happenings

Its been a while since i posted something so i thought id post a bit of a relic :-) nothing recent just havent told anyone about it.

Back when i was wee nub (back? lol). there was a guy i met while hunting ( i barely had the skills to pirate, just the basics) i was in my trusty rifter belt hopping and came across a vexor. didnt know what the hell it was at the time just thought id attack it. so i started chattin to the guy. The guys name was alan hanwe. After a while of sitting next to him i plucked up the courage to attack him. at which point he launched his drones and abso-freaking-lutely wtfpwned my rifter. I was sitting there in a pod staring in disbelief and learned a valuable lesson. Drones hurt. Now this isnt the main bit because it was a few weeks before i saw him again and by this time i was in a prophecy and had reworked my entire ships i use. So me and a friend, katamarino, warp into a belt and lo and behold! alan hanwe sitting there in a thorax mining. now we scram him and jam him and he does what so many people do nowadays.. He logged. so we popped his cruiser and when he logged on he claimed it was of no loss to him when i convo'ed him to ask why. we were originally going to ransom him.

He lost a couple of nice true sansha armor hardeners. worth about 25m+ each on escrow but they got destroyed instead of getting canned. ;-(. Ill have more recent stuff to write soon once my subscription for eve gets processed


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Narciss Sevar on :

I had a guy refuse a ransom on his cyclone once, so i popped him. He dropped a domination gyrostab that i escrowed for 50mil. Another one like that too, but it was a domination large sheild booster, sold for 30mil. People are very wierd.

Pliskkenn on :

Yeah I wish I had that much money to just waste, its really quiet silly. Given the option I'd always psy a ransom, no matter what the mods, mainly as Insurance hardly ever covers the costs.

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