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Well Everyone, I've hit -10! Well... very close to it. I'm about -9.999995 or so right now. Anyway, to celebrate I created this little compilation video of some of my recent kills.

Click For Video

Comments are more than welcome, but this is my first attempt ever at video editing so please be gentle.

2nd Video
Just made a 2nd video.
Again, comments are more than welcome!


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Nuggan on :

I'd really appreciate if all comments in this post are only about the video as I'd love feedback on it so I can get better at editing. If you want to comment about me, my pirating ability or style, my corporation, our killboard, or just plain troll there are other posts of mine where you can do that. Thanks!

Helen Baque on :

That was cool, especially the music. You should do more like that. :-)

Pliskkenn on :

Hehe, good stuff Nuggan. Oddly enough I used to haunt those systems regularily myself, yet I've never encountered you once, I don't know whether to be thankful or dissapointed.

Spathi on :

Very well done for the first attempt at a video. My only recommendation in future would be to not edit in all the fights together like you did but instead show fight after fight. I sorta thought the first 3 guys had got away when you cut to someone else.

Only other comment would be the font and colors of font at the start. Looks very pixelated but I guess thats the program and not you :-)

Nice work.

Redrig Bayer on :

Cheers for sharing! Always good to see Eve vids being shared. Edit was interesting, introducing each fight - moving on to the kill for each, then the podkill... Very Tarantino ;-)

You did ask for suggestions (if I may offer a couple)
1) Good grief - painful font (and colour - green on red - eww!)
2) You might want to disable cursor in Fraps settings.

Look forward to starring in the reverse vid at some point ;-)

Nuggan on :

Yeah, for some reason that was the default colors and I forgot to change them. The cursor is there because I didnt realize I could remove it when I made those videos. My later ones will not have that in there. Thanks for the comments!

Gladus Bear on :

Cool video nuggan. :-)

your ma on :

music was a little gay

Leema Mike on :

I thought the music fitted it quite well the way the video worked with the song :-)

GOod considering doing this sometime myself.

Just need some kills before i can actually do it....

Nuggan on :

Thanks! I did by best to try to make the music and fighting kinda sync up.

Valentine on :

Nice video and fitting music. If it was your first time to did a good job.

What ship was that anyhow?

Nuggan on :

Its a Vengeance

Anonymous on :

you don't like thrashers much do you....

Anonymous on :

Well... most of these where very easy kills, wheren't they? Theres not much skill in taking out a probe or an egg in an assault ship..., so asking about 'pirating abilities or style' is rather ... lol you know...
Anyway if you enjoy doing videos I suggest you play with some advanced cameras (especially when you fight something that has no chance of scratching you). Do some spectacular flyby, etc.

Nuggan on :

Agreed, they arent very skillful kills, but I can only kill whats in the area and when I was filming these thats all there was, so I worked with the footage I had. I have some good fights for my next movie though.

Anonymous on :

As has been mentioned, in the first vid the way it cuts between three fights is a bit hard to follow, especially since the first and second have similar angles at transition. At first I was like "Why did the sky turn blue?" The second vid was much better with the back to back fights, smoother transitions, and the music synch (particularly @ ~1:25) was excellent. Also already mentioned, but the font was teh ick.

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