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Anti-piracy: Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking...

So.. some people tried to gank us at a gate.
An apoc, deimos and wolf attacked our scouts on a smaller strikeforce.
We held them scrammed while the rest could come and join in. The sentries were proving to be doing a good job aswell! :-)

Edit: One of our opponents added a comment to this post to explain their view of this incident.
I must give them props for trying to fight us. That's some guts I wish I had sometimes :-)

[00:43:27] Ander > Thanks for the loot buddies.
This'll be reported on :-)
[00:45:07] Jerat >
what did you guys loos? just one or 2?
[00:45:18] Ander > we lost no ships
[00:45:32] Ander > some others lost a deimos,
apoc and something
[00:45:36] Ander > not sure what the third ship
[00:45:46] Jerat > yes, deimos that were me :-)
[00:46:00] Ander > were you guys trying to
pirate our cruiser pilot?
[00:46:03] Jimmy James >
thx guy lol
[00:46:05] Ander > like gank him at a gate... ?
[00:46:24] Ander > Cause I have no idea why
the hell you started shooting at us.
[00:46:27] Jimmy James > was worth a try
[00:46:28] Jerat > nahh were were just checking
him out
[00:46:34] have2laugh > he he
[00:46:42] Ander > who was the apoc pilot?
[00:46:50] Ander > ah yes. Jimmy
[00:46:56] Ander > and Jeret the deimos
[00:47:00] Ander > the third ship, what was it?
[00:47:06] Ander > and who piloted?
[00:47:08] Theodorovik > a wolf, right?
[00:47:25] Jerat > were have not done that
mutch PvP so this was a good experiance, thou
Id like that we took out some of you also :-)
[00:47:28] Jimmy James > well I learned a
[00:47:40] have2laugh > yup, gate guns /hurt/
[00:47:40] Jerat > wolf got killed by sentrys
[00:47:51] Ander > mmh... dont try to shoot
someone with ceptor/scram support
[00:47:55] Ander > especially not at a gate
[00:48:02] Jimmy James > lol thx
[00:48:08] Jerat > Kadago were the wolf. His
first PvP
[00:48:16] Teh Shaz > and attacking someone
that insta's to a aget
[00:48:21] have2laugh > ouch hard way to learn
[00:48:22] Ander > ass frigs or anything smaller
than HAC or BS shouldnt be trying to tank


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Teh Shaz on :

Oh great, i misspell gate in local and NOW its posted here : (

Well, that was a good time, why the hell they opened up on top of me in an enyo, ON a gate I have no idea why.

Nice loot btw too :-)

Jerat on :

Why we attacked you, well we have 2 new PvP players Jimmy James and Kadago and Im not that experienced eighter.
I were just going to call of my guys when one of them got a bit trigger happy :-)
Thouse sentrys killed us :-( they really hurt).
Well as long as they learnt the lesson its worth it.
It were my longest fight so far. Only wished that we got some of you also lol
At least I know that I have a heart :-) the fight really got it ticking.
Nice fight thou.

Xenios Alfar on :

LOL always funny to read these. This site is what brought me into pirating ^_^

Ryx Bratsilaken on :

Damm anti-pirates always trying to think there it, a wolf trying to tank a sentry all i can say is "LOOOSERS"! :-)

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