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Looking for a new corp

Hi, not many of you know me im not a frequent poster anymore as i cant play eve but i will be returning soon. Im currently looking for a nice corp whatever size, A pirate corp i mean. In game i am Xenios Alfar i have been playing quite a while and have been nothing but pvp since start unde. I met up with ander when i first started and he aggreed to 'take me undr his wing' and he taught me alli know at the moment. I mainly fly frigates t2 or t1 it doesnt matter i have about 6 million SP and am looking for a new corp liek i said. Anyone have suggestions or is willing to take me eve-mail me and when i get back into game (few weeks) ill contact you. I have been in many fleet situations and i know how things work dispite my low SP.

-Xenios Alfar


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