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I'm Back

Wow, hasn't it been a while! Reason i was gone was that I did not have any internet access at my computer, reasons i will not go into :-(. Since i've gotton back i went on a killing spree. So many kills, just jumbled around. The one i will remember is killing a Vindicator (faction megathron). This person wasnt missioning, killing people, npc'ing or anything like that. He would continually enter our systems and stay on a gate, and had a mwd. We had to set a trap. We rigged an outlaw with an apoc i think it was, and since the vindi was using blasters, he had to mwd towards the outlaw, off the gate. When the vindi attack we jumped, warped to him and proceeded to web, scram, damped, and kill him. The apoc was shot down from the vindi fire, but the modules recovered covered the loss. faction BS number three killed by "9th fleet".

I have been flying around a lot in a vexor lately. It has served me so well, that it has killed probably 200 times its value in ships :-). My personal carrier is on its way to production. If you would like to sell some bpc's for cap comps contact me. Expect to hear from me a lot again :-). Good day, and good shooting.

Oh and it's blood patch day for all who don't know why server is down :-P.


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Kreemy on :

W00t! 9th fleet! 9th fleet!

Pyrostasis on :

I along with Im sure many others would love to see your Vexor setup that is if you dont mind sharing

Violated on :

Yeah, please share you're vexor setup ;-) i would love to see it

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