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Who says pirates don't fight pirates?

Yesterday, as I usally do, I make my rounds around the surrounding unformal territory owned by the newly created 9th Fleet Alliance. I receive i report, Snigg in xyz system. On scanner, two interceptor class vessels, and one thorax-class cruiser. I quickly make my way there, hastely creating a gang with friendly pilots in the area. No sooner then this, a friendly vexor mining was attacked and requested help as soon as possible. Myself, just in time had just entered the system in a friend in a claw. We jump into the belt, and I engage the thorax with my vexor. After podding the other vexor pilot who was mining, the interceptors turn their weapons to me. Time is slipping by, the thorax has at least one med nos on me, and my cap is draining from the med armor rep I am using. help arrives, the crow i am with comes. the thorax's tank is broken and he is in stucture. Pop, an explosion erupts from the thorax as i hit about 2% armor. Quickly i change targets to claw. He attemps to run, but hits an asteroid (i think because he is moving so slow and for no reason is in web range) and i web and scram him. drones sent and he goes down quickly. The last interceptor runs off. Soon after, one of the snigg logged off in their pod at a quickly made SS. We scan it out and give him a quick ride home. Loot sales and bounty from podded member went to the vexor for his loss.

Good fight to the snigg involved. Hope to see you around again as people who know how to play is hard to come by :-P.


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Assur on :

Thorax? Ander did you?

Ander on :

I wasnt involved in this, so no =)
Some other sniggy.

Assur on :

Alright just making sure :-D Good to hear ur alright.

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