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New Computer

Well. It finally happened. I upgraded my comp xD

-256 RAM
etc etc etc

-1gb RAM

Soon be back on eve xD i had to stop playing because eve client would freeze due to low memory. i lost 3 battleships and a load of inties and af's to that :-(


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Fade Routha on :

Comgratz on the computer and happy hunting

Anonymous on :

Is this the sort of information for a pirating website? This isn't a blog (well, a blog for this kinda stuff)

Red on :

Y'know that Tank CEO played on a system WORSE than yours for 2 years? Makes ya wonder how he killed all those people.. :-D

Xenios on :

Excuse me but i can post what i want. I am annoncing my return to my pirating career after a leave of abscence so yes it is for a pirating website. Gawd. theres no bridges here! begone troll

Kirex on :

I played with 800mhz celeron and 256mb ram.
It wasnt prety :-(

Anonymous on :

Thing is, EVE has become more demanding as it has got older. Tank used a worse system maybe, but that was back was back when you could run dual accounts on a 1.2Ghz no lag at all

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