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Extreme Server Issues

As many of you know already, since the Blood patch, servers have been "off" at best. Seemingly random spikes occur, which aftwards breaks the traffic system and require a server reboot to temporarily fix the problem. Well, today i was going round trying to find this thorax. When i finally get to him, launch drones, lock him, scram and approach him, the server goes berserk. I attempt to activate modules with no success. By the time my armor got to about 40% is when my hardeners and rep turned on. To my surprise when the server kicks back into gear he is in low structure and i am popped. Then i sit in my ship continually orbiting him, with my kill maill, and a minute or so later i finally get into my pod and warp off. Any similar occurences feel free to comment below :-P.

I would just recommend everyone to not use their prized ships and mods at this time.


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Teh Shaz on :

After restart it eems to be stable again. For the time being.

Ander on :

heh.. got dropped for some reason.

Malka Badi'a on :

Warping into a system, or so I thought. Received "Gate is Closed" error and it refused to let me warp for ten seconds. Suddenly the screen reloaded and I'm on the otherside of the gate, being molested by a 10 person gatecamp.

Goodbye geddon, hello bloodpatch.

Teh Shaz on :

That doesnt sound good at all. Petition that.

Teh Shaz on :

Oh, reminds me.. even if you did jump thorugh, you would have had more then a ten second cloak time after jumping :-(

Malka Badi'a on :

The cloaking timer rocks, unless the EVE server considers you a Disconnect and warps your ship off to a safe spot.

The only excuse is that the gate lag inistigated the saftey warp on the server end and I became visable and scrambled.

Meh. Just had to buy a new one.

Kor Sanyo on :

Was running missions with my noob fighter toon, on a level one mission called "Worlds Collide". Warped to the mission location (in Juunigaishi) and see both gates, one to guristas base, one to angels base sitting there...

...and 12 Gisti/Domination **Cruisers**...

and 4 Gurista Imputors.

I blow away the Imputors and try to flee as everything on the screen start sblinking yellow at me. NO modules, no right click warp screen, no after burner, no missiles..blam blam blam blam

relog...appear in same spot, everyone is still there, shields gone, armor at 12%, and then they just...vanish!

I'm stuck again, so I relog, and my pod!

Reappear, in my ship! I spend 18 mins driving towards the nearest station before it finally breaks loose and I warp to dock. I set a long skill, and logged off.

Master Badmoon on :

yes I have had the same problems.. 30 seconds or more for a mod to activate and all sorts of crazy crap.. Sheeze and I thought it was only me

ronanalexandre1993 on :

I want play eve but I don´t know where I can play eve online pirate. Can they help me?

maximalista on :

i just want to ask you were can i fin EVE- online pirate servers working with all patches working too ? :8

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