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Don't you just hate it....

....When your hard drive fries on you? This just happened to me today, but luckily i have an old cache on a usb 1 gig drive :-). It just sucks when computers don't work the way you want them too :-(. Feel free to expose some shitty computer momments in the comments. That is all. I wish i had some nice pirating story to say, but I do not. Just have a bunch of kills that dont deserve a post about.


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Suladriel on :

Thats nothing dude.

My whole computer is fried.

Its been playing up for months...not booting up straight away, etc.

When I started smelling smoke on Sunday coming from the PC, I decided enough was enough and it was time to retire it and buy the bits for a new one.

They arrived today! \o/

Can't wait to get home from work.

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