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At War.

It's been a while since I posted here so i thought I should.

Recently i joined a new corporation called Arcana Imperii Ltd. and they are a great bunch and i love flying with them, and in the past few days things have been very interesting.

On Friday and saturday, the CEO of Sniggerdly a very respected pirate corporation as you probably all know, Shamis was near our home system now I wasn't in the fight myself all i know is Shamis' tempest went down and we got a 100mil domi 30km scrambler from it.

I logged later and when i logged on i heard that a group of snigg had come down, a total of 9 Battleships if im not mistaken, a sort-of revenge fleet if you will. From what i've been told 3 of their battleships were destroyed and the rest retreated, once again Shamis died according to my info ( no pod kills as of yet ) and another 30km scrambler dropped.

Now. yesterday Shamis, Seth rock, and amos came down near us again in Interceptors, a Claw, a Crow and a Ares.

they engaged a fellow corpmate at a gate and we were called in to help. i was testing setups on tech one frigates before so i rushed off in this frigate John and i arrived at the scene and engaged the Snigg pilots.. John had not fired on Amos yet, i targetted seth who was attacking Commaner Nikolas and seth probably thinking i had a web kept out of my range, and he was right i did. I turned to amos and he was out of range so i tried getting into range of shamis but the speed of the inty was just too fast.

Amos decided he was going to shoot john but as john wasnt outlaw amos succumbed to the gates sentry guns.

1 snigg downed 2 to go. now shamis and seth then popped our inty pilot and john and i retreated through the gate.

i warped away thinking one of them had not aggroed and i had to warp back at 15km to the gate. my friends had jumped back through when shamis aggressed again. I made a run for the gate and i mistook info for thinking there was backup on other side so when shamis entered my web range i enaged and began attacking.. when no help was forthcoming i was subsequently destroyed but my pod escaped.. i then SS'ed in the system.

It led on from here that a fleet was formed from our side to try and kill and podkill the ceo. A group of inty + af pilots of ours formed up with some battleships with Tech II precision cruise missiles. and shamis and seth were camped in.

We didnt get them but they didnt get any of us as far as i know. Subsequently i was logged off by now and i logged on in the mornin gto find a nice war dec from Snigg.

I think he next couple of weeks are going to be interesting!

Good luck to Snigg as well and i hope we get lots of action!!!

-Xenios Alfar


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pistonbroke on :

Good luck with the War with Snigg. My corp warred them for a few months and they are a fair bunch to fight. Have fun, we learned a lot.

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