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Brtuix Kill

Ok, im flying around looking for some targets in my Crusader when a friend enters local i convo him and get into a nice little chat when he says he's going because someone keeps chasing him. I asked him who and he replied White Steel, i look in local and sure enough White steel is there. so i decide to help my friend (in a rupture) kill the brutix or try to.

I fake chasing my mate around the system and i convo the dude and ask him to help me get him. He agrees and i fake attack my friend at a planet. the brutix warps in lands 6k from me and i start scrambling and shooting my mate opens up in his rupture and soon enough the brutix goes pop.

I lock his pod down and podkill him too. i thought this was a nice kill for my maiden voyage/kill in my inty. It was a poorly fitted brutix so i dont expect to be solo'ing them any time soon but that should teach people to chase my friends around :-D

-Xenios Alfar


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Lady Ariness on :

I'd love to chase you and your friend around in my Brutix! :-P

Xenios Alfar on :

:D:D Anytime Ariness =] Anytime. I guess you'd be the only "lady" chasing me around xD JK.. thats if your a lady :-P Chicks with dicks.. sooo not attractive lol

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