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Sucky EVE

Edited to prevent flaming -,-

If people cant be mature about things then they shouldnt comment.

-Xenios Alfar


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Anonymous on :

Why are you petitioning?

Anonymous on :

To get his money back.

Anonymous on :

Because HIS PC crashed - ecuse me but how is that CCP's fault in the slightest? It's his for not having a stable PC

Anonymous on :

Shit happens live with it. Or is this cry-bear country as well now?

Aradasis on :

don't be a flaming arse, if you're gonna be anonymous. Have some sack!

Jeeah on :

HAHAHAH you petitioned because you lost?

"pirates" sure are bitches some times

Swethren on :

Heh, he's petetioning because he lost his ship due to being disconnected, it's basically the same idea as loosing your ship to Lag, IE: out of game mechanics.

Basically, he didn't do anything wrong and his opponent didn't do anything right.

He's probably not going to get his ship back.

Xenios Alfar on :

i didnt lose.. i got jumped by a second person because my ship hadn't left space when i got disconnected yet and no repper on so i was on structure when i logged on really... not much fun.. no way if i was on would a rifter had any chance on its own against an interceptor

Spathi on :

This happens a lot to people. Not to me but friends. They never bothered petitioning it though.

Your ship didnt disappear because they aggressed on you. As you probably know, your ship would sit there for 15 minutes although would warp off. I assume the original or second guy had you scrambled because once a ship is scrambled preventing the emergency warp, it does not try it again. Leaving you sitting in the belt not moving, not using the mods (unless active at logoff).

Plus even if your flag was 1 minute, it would reset when you logged.

I dont believe CCP will refund this and they will give the "there was nothing in our server logs" excuse.

Xenios Alfar on :

Yeah i think so too spathi.. but its worth a try.. someone said to petition so i am =] wont change anything if i dont but it will be cool if i do get it back. the thing that riles me off is that the nubling ot a crusader kill singlehandedly in a rifter and can go around saying all sorts of lies that he beat me 1on1 etc..

Xardrix on :

That fucking sucks, but your not gonna get anything back, unless you can prove that its server side lag that caused you to discon repeatedly. Even then, the bounty/looted equipment are gone. Same happened to me in a Zealot. Server crashed for a few people on the cluster I was on. Got the ship back, but not the equipment that was ejected into the can when I died.

Its bad luck, and its petition worthy, yet a exercise in futility.

To the alt/Anon Flamers... *STFU*. If its not funny/useful/or positive, then you don't need to say anything at all.

Anonymous on :

Just like this entire post of his

He never uses this website apart from whining or personal ego-boosting. IMO, he should STFU

Spathi on :

At the end of the day, who cares if he goes round bragging about it. He got a lucky spin of the wheel. You know what happened, he knows too. Besides, if you're really bothered, go kill him. Its not like the inty + fitting was really expensive. Just think how pissed you would have been if it was a BS.

Besides, ship loss is a hazard of the occupation we choose to follow. Just sucks when you're not there to fight.

Ras on :

wtf is up with the anonymous trolls? :-|


Anonymous on :

wtf is up with the fanbois? :-|

Xenios Alfar on :

LoL fort all those anonymous trolls.. your just jealous because you dont have the Cajones to go out and peave your veldspar mining ops in 1.0... STFU

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