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5 vs Me, yeah those are odds I will take

Exactly what the title says. I find five people ratting together. bb, thorax, cormorant, punisher, and Trisian. I decide to pounce on them. What ship choice do you think I choose? Thats right, a thorax (all my vexors have been destroyed through various engagements, but hell i use cruisers as throwaway items and dont really care if/when they pop). I found them through scanner at a belt hitting npc's and I warp in to that belt. I Land off by about 40km and mwd towards them. For some dumb reason i attack thorax first. Soon after, I am jammed by BB. At this momment i hit armor, and i am holding down control and clicking the bb very quickly. When i get a lock onto it (about 10 seconds later or so) i light it up and send drones at it. Pop, first victim. i return to thorax and send drones to the dessy. At this point i crash (didnt have problem fixed yet. I was doing test fixes at this momment). I am SO mad, am i going to get podded because of a stupid problem on my end? No, i come in and i still have some armor left. I take down the thorax and hit last two frigs and podded one person through the engagement. Tank held, barely; I got out with about 10% left :-). No yelling or anything, chatted and gave em advice afterwards.


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Mentaxx on :

i would love to know your setup for this thorax, sounds nice.

Kerm on :

Go Shazamataz! 5 Vs 1 and you still win

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