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Sigil goin down :)

Some guy was placing small secure containers 250km of station in mamet, I was the whole time there looking for targets...

I wanted to click the can to warp to him, but i accidentally clicked the planet right behind the can and warped onto that one. when i returned to station, he was gone. I waited 10 minutes at the safespot, then i return again and yep he's placing cans again. :-D

This time I warp onto it and kill him in maybe 1 to 2 minutes (only 5k in gunnery) , he had 1 wcs fitted but I scram for 2 or else my cap wont hold :p

A cruiser warps in (urabus) but that guy is such an idiot that he comes to us with ab instead of warping onto the cans, or he was affraid :/
Lucky for me offcourse :p

g keeper > urabus a little help please
reg keeper > Speed Devil put this namee in
mamet patrol KOS list guys
Speed Devil > lol
reg keeper > no lol your corp is KOS in
MAMET and R£
Speed Devil > nice
Speed Devil > 10MN Afterburner II Improved
Cloaking Device II thx man :-)
reg keeper > your screwed amte
Speed Devil > :-)
mullich david > :-)
Speed Devil > too bad ur local conversions
are screwed
Speed Devil > reg are u still mad at me? :-(
reg keeper > yes
Speed Devil > and urabus ur one big
Speed Devil > dont u agree reg? :p
reg keeper > you wana try me on in pvp
Speed Devil > dude, i have 5k in gunnery
reg keeper > says your a pvp outfitt
reg keeper > wtf step up noob
Speed Devil > im not looking for a fair
fight, im looking for a profit
Speed Devil > and i succeeded
reg keeper > you did the dead in mamet
now step up
Speed Devil > got a nice t2 cloack
reg keeper > against a sigil. your so
Iota Belisarius > azn's 4tw =P
Speed Devil > oh yes i am :-)
Trader ADAM > lot of smack going on lol
reg keeper > got a nice war dec comming
Speed Devil > oh im so afraid :p
reg keeper > hey huzzah great as we are
joining your mod stick speed devilon the
KOS list and there corp
Trader ADAM > not sure I understood that
Iota Belisarius > i did
Speed Devil > not good speak the english?
Speed Devil > moeha
Iota Belisarius > unfortunately the war with
FIX is preventing me from hunting down
noob griefers atm
Speed Devil > what my corp members say
bout ur dec: FUna > oh nos...I feel teh
reg keeper > your the noobs out here not
us :-P
Speed Devil > FUna > I may have know...laugh
at them.
Speed Devil > lol
Speed Devil > next time carry stabs like
all carebears do :p
Iota Belisarius > so wait, you were killed
by this guy?
Trader ADAM > lol
reg keeper > yeah outside a station just
sorting some marker cans out.
reg keeper > not impressed
Speed Devil > but its good loot i got from
u :-)
reg keeper > not the ship losss more
because of the manner of the attack
reg keeper > keep the loot I have lots thx
Trader ADAM > could i just point out that
this is a game?
Gaifen > kids.....
Speed Devil > whats wrong with the manner
of the attack?
Speed Devil > u were at 270km of station,
i warp to can and kill u
Speed Devil > nothing wrong with that :/
Speed Devil > just ur own fault
reg keeper > stfu
Speed Devil > :p
Speed Devil > i bet ur ****ed
Trader ADAM > dude chill
Speed Devil > please wardec us :p
Speed Devil > then i can have more fun
with u
Speed Devil > :-D
Trader ADAM > speed you are not helping
reg keeper > look yopur an alt so clear
off. or better yet go to 0.0
Speed Devil > hahahah i aint no alt
Speed Devil > im older than 14 days and
got 700k skillpoints so thats not an alt :-)

i won a nice t2 cloack and a t2 10mn ab

too bad 2 local hull conversions got destroyed in the process :-( but it aint bad i think for a char with only 5k in gunnery and minmatar frig at 3 with basic scram skills


2006.04.21 02:02

Victim: reg keeper
Alliance: None
Corp: The JORG Corporation
Destroyed: Sigil
System: Mamet
Security: 0.1

Involved parties:

Name: Speed Devil (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.3
Alliance: None
Corp: MMMM....BEER
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon I

Destroyed items:

Infrared S
Local Hull Conversion Nanofiber Structure I
Local Hull Conversion Nanofiber Structure I
Small Armor Repairer I
Small Secure Container (Cargo)
Small Secure Container (Cargo)
Small Secure Container (Cargo)

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Punctuation and capital characters fixed.


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Bambi on :

lol loosers

Speed Devil on :

ow look he sent a mail to my ceo too

I was attacked in mamet by one of your members.
Had it been a pvp fight I would say no more.
Speed devil owes the jorg corp (25 million)
This matter will be raised with the CEO of the jorg and the anti pirate allaince of
Mamet and CVA and huzzah.

Steiner on :

I guess he doesn't understand the pricips of piracy.

Steiner is rolling on the floor laughing.

Thut'ankh Amon on :

lol at mail... like anyone cares how much he lost :-D

smokemeakipper on :

Mamet system is hilarious - i killed a cruiser there once (my first kill i think) and attacked another - i was chased by 6 or 7 ships for about 6 or 7 jumps and told never to go back.

I remember reading local at the time and they were telling new locals how mamet is a safe pirate free zone to live in

Someone should really send a huge pirate force there to teach them that no low sec is safe

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