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Trap anyone? I think not.

Ahh, I must say again, I love the Vexor. I came back this weekend from 0.0 to pirate once again. After Insta'ing to a gate, i jump through. As i jump through, a member of the GUARD alliance jumps through from other side. On the other side of the gate, there is his friend, also in GUARD, in a Ishkur with blasters. As soon as i get into system, I immediately start heading back to the gate so that i can jump if i get in trouble. The Ishkur locks and attacks me. By the time he gets in web range, i am just about in jumping range. The other GUARD person jumps back into system. He decloaks and attacks me, he is in a rax with t2 heavy electrons. I then jump back through the gate i came from. After their timer goes away, they come to me. Here, we play some undocking games for a little while so i dock for a couple min. I get intel from a friend in system that the rax has left the station, so i take the chance. I attack the ishkur in my vex. He has a nice tank, he goes down much slower then expected. His rax buddy warps back in as he is approaching structure. I am now getting hit by both, and i am in about 2/3 armor by the time the Ishkur blows to peices. This is the point where i ask myself to fight or to wait and dock. Who am I kidding? I'm insanely blood thirsty. I go for him of course! We are both scramed and webbed. Both of our tanks are dying, closer and closer to both of our ships come to the verge of exploding. POP! who is the victor? I am. I leave the bout with 36% structure. The loot was nice... Ishkur dropped a SS energized explosive, light t2 drones, void ammo, and t2 rep. The rax dropped t1 drones (i go through med drones like... milk? because i gate gank a lot with my vex/thorax's) heavy electron ii's, void m charges. Thers prob more, but no one prob cares, hell i dont really. If i was only going for isk I'd whore missions all day.

After the fight we said good fight, and they left. VICTORY!


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Realist on :

Agreed. Vex and Thorax are mint ships.

Thepersonyoudon'tknow on :

Nice fight, there really should be more of this stuff in-game, tired of running into people who calls in 7-8 people for backup vs. me - Even though i'm in an inferior ship... But gratz with another eve-memory for the old memory-core ;-)

Anonymous on :

wo dud you should really get some help and play with other people instead of that game i am very good and take my advise it get boring after a couple of months

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