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Wrong place, wrong time.

The last 4 days or so I've undocked once. Once. I've been sorting out recruitment for several of my old corp, and its literally taken that much time. I had to get out, so, here is my first E-P post, and the first battle in over a week.

Let me set the scene....

For the first time in days, Izo Azlion had finally gotten the chance to undock, and actively hunt. Stopping off at the usual port of call Seyllin, followed by Kubinen, there was no one.

Izo was not a happy chappy.

Then, Izo found a system called Decon... and in that system were targets.

"Thorax and Catalyst on scanner..."

Spending around 20 minutes trying to pin the bastards down, Izo finally did. Engaging in
"Miracle," his Ishkur, he released the drones and began hitting the Catalyst till it burst in a electric blue explosion. But this wasnt enough. Switching targets he began to engage the Thorax, taking it through armour - and losing some himself - he warped out. No longer were his blasters hitting, you see, wrong ammo type. If he'd stuck close... The whole day would have been different.

Warping straight back in, the Thorax was gone. This allowed Izo to scoop his drones back into his bay and continue hunting. This he did.

Pinning down the lucky bastard in the Thorax, once again, Izo engaged. Then the most
unpredictable series of events happened. A Velator warped in, and not only that, but it did
even proceed to start shooting Izo. Izo laughed, quite loud indeed, and set his drones on it.

Just as the Velator exploded, and Izo told his faithful drones to go back to the Thorax, two Dominix's warped into the belt.

This is where poor Izo slumped into his seat, trying desperately to tear through the Thorax's hull before the Dominix's got hold of him.

It was to no avail, jammed, scrammed, webbed and nossed, Izo was planning his course on autopilot as fast as he could, to save his little Jovian egg. This was successful.

The day didnt go without any kills, of course, but a Destroyer and a Rookie ship didnt really satisfy the blood lust, when poor Izo had lost a 40million ISK ship.

Izo congratulated everyone, and left for Oursulaert, and a new Ishkur.


Everyone in local had a good laugh about the fight, and even though I lost, I think it shows that even the most tempting targets can be helped by fate. Perhaps if I hadnt of been alone...

Well, I hope you've had more luck than I.

Izo Azlion,
Coreli Corporation.

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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Pliskkenn on :

Izo, buddy! Heh, got the preview in Tbk. Good read my friend.

Realist on :

why do you talk about yourself in the third person?

Nuggan on :

Cause in real life he is not Izo. He is narrating what his character did, just like in most books. Just his writing style.

Tough break there Izo. Good luck next time!

Izo Azlion on :

Its just something I did at the time, honestly. I dont often write third person, gave it a new edge. It was something I threw together in a few minutes. :-)

Kinda proud it made the grade :p

^.^ Thanks all :-)

Zei on :

Shame I didn't get to fly with you, good story though.

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