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Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 3!

I couldnt be happier coming back to Eve and getting to pirate again. I didnt realize how much I missed the rush untill I found a lone mining barge and tore it and the pilots pod to pieces in seconds. Doing so reminded me that I used to Fraps as many of my fights as I could... so now I bring you:

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 3
(for some reason the blog software on this site will not accept the URL link to the video. You will have to manually copy this into your browers to download the video properly.'s_Pirate_Compilation_3.wmv )

Its mainly composed of old fights that didnt didnt make it into my first videos. Theres a good 1v1 with a stabber, another stabber that catches me off guard, a couple rifters I attacked and lots more. The only part of the video that I made since I've come back is the fight with the blackbird. (There seems to be a small bit of confusion about this so let me clarify. I'm not flying a stabber in this, I'm flying a vengeance)

As always comments on the video are more than welcome, but I ask that comments about my pirating ability, my ship setups, what you would have done better, why you hate me, etc be confined to either my other articles on the site, Eve-mail, or my E-mail ( yes, I know I made a few small errors in spelling and with video editing, but I kinda just did this one quick as a refresher for myself on how to make these.


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Adoran Wa'alle on :

Welcome back, Nuggan :-)

Helen Baque on :

The apostrophe might be the problem in linking to the video. If it is, then escaping the apostrophe with a backslash (Nuggan\'s) might work -- depending on the backend OS -- or you might try renaming the video without it just to see what happens.

Nuggan on :

Yeah, I noticed thats the problem. My problem with that is that the movie is being hosted on eve-files and I cant rename it without just uploading the whole thing again and I didnt really feel like taking the time to do that now... maybe later.

Helen Baque on :

Oh, and ditto, welcome back! :-)

Logan Fyreite on :

Nuggan, your my hero for using Stabbers!

Stabbers FTW, well sure you have to pick and choose your battles but still, always a blast to fly. Good to have you back! now I get to download your video once at work and once at home, have to have something to do on a sunday!

Nuggan on :

Think you may be a bit confused my friend, I dont use stabbers. I fly a Vengeance.

Anonymous on :

yeah, well I am more than a little confused. Misread the post plus not really paying attention to the movie thanks to old lady customers FTL.

well still, good fights with the Stabbers. I can see those pilots need to upgrade to Ruppies to best your irritating little frig =)

ahhh well work ftl

Logan Fyreite on :

Yes the above was me.

Logan Fyreite on :

the confusion was only me, leave it to a Minmatar to get all confuzzled. Guns, check, missiles, check, PvP mids check, glasses, damn I knew I missed something!

R31D on :


For your next video, try and save up fights until you have a good compilation rather than a series of average fights. Also, download Adobe Premiere ( as it will improve the quality greatly and is only marginally trickier to use than WMM. Do this and your next video could be pretty interesting.


-Edited By Nuggan -- As I said, please refrain from comments about my pirating ability etc. I only wanted comments on the movie itself. I do use Premiere, I decrease the quality on purpose to decrease the online file size. I have these in excellent quality on my computer here. And again, if you read my post I said this was just the leftovers that didnt make it into the first two videos I made and that this was hastily done just for a bit of fun.

Anonymous on :

Well, ok, but I wouldn't really release something full of 'leftovers' for your return. Seems a bit disrespectful to me

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