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Whew.... what a day...its good to be back.

::edit:: Wow... I've really been getting a lot of mail about this one. THanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the story! ::/edit::

Well since I've returned to Eve my corp, Korky, has moved out to 0.0. Now I never really liked 0.0, but I figured that my corp is here and they are most of my current friends in the game, so I guess I'll come back out. So its late in the day(Eve time) when I decide to ask my corpmate Kelron if he would like to join me for a hunt. He agrees and we head out, him in an incursus set up to tackle and me in a Retribution set up for pure carnage. So we take a look around in our home system.... no real targets, so we head one system over. 1 person in local:

Nuggan > hmm... talona here
Kelron Queldine > I'll go scan at p7
Nuggan > ok
Kelron Queldine > in a claw
Kelron Queldine > somewhere
Nuggan > ooh
Kelron Queldine > come to p5
Kelron Queldine > she's here
Nuggan > omw

As I warp to Kelron local flares up to about 10-11 people. Kelron gets attacked by them all as I'm still in warp to him and warps away with most of them following them. I arrive at planet 5 to see Talona sitting there all by herself in a claw. Well, I figure maybe I could possibly dish out enough damage to get her before she can get away, so I attack. Looking pretty good... I get her through shield instantly, through armor pretty quick, and right when I get into structure she warps away... damn, ah well thats what I get for attacking without tackling. Time to warp to a safespaaaaoohcrap, her friends are warping in as she warps out. Damn it...warp scrambled... ok attack them... yay ones in structure, he leaves.... yes! got another to structure...they leave....working on a third and then more warp in and my little retribution goes pop

Well my egg made it out at least. I insta back to the gate and warp back to my home system and station. Then I pull out the big guns...

Undocking in my Sacrilege I warp to the gate where I had just come from to find talona sitting there... her friends HAVE to be around here somewhere.... ah well, I can take them. I attack talona. Her little claw starts taking a good deal of damage... right before she goes pop she manages to use the gate since she didnt attack me back. Then all her friends decloak/warp in. Ok, a bunch of frigs, intys, and AFs. I can take crap what do you mean those modules arent active... stupid "fit to active ship" not turning my stuff on... ok, sit here and tank them a second then jump through the gate when I can. I get through, they follow, I get to a safespot and turn on my modules, and then I warp back to the gate. Two are sitting there. I wait untill they target me and the others start to warp back just to make sure they are gonna follow and then jump through the gate.

On the otherside I decloak and release my drones. They all jump through and immediately begin attacking me. I'm assuming there was 8-10 of them, I didnt get an exact count at the time. As I'm targetting all of them I suddenly realize my ship has been jammed, I cant fight back! Hm... I decided to stick it out... I'm betting they cant keep me jammed longer than my tank.... Soon after the jam breaks and I feverishly target all of them and begin drones are gone, my caps getting kinda low by now and I'm starting to get worried, and then all of a sudden BOOM. One of their ships blows up!... seconds after BOOM another one!... the sit there trying to break my tank as I whittle them down one by one. Eventually they realize they cant win and try to run away, but I catch one last one.

As I'm fighting I'm narrating whats happening in the KillerKatsBar:

specr > where are nuggan
Nuggan > klmt
Nuggan > gonna be back in hlw in a sec tho
specr > gl
Nuggan > sigh....jammed
specr > they get you
Nuggan > got 1
Nuggan > I can take them
specr > kill em all
Nuggan > got 2
specr > :-)
Nuggan > got 3
Kelron Queldine > go nuggan!
Nuggan > 4
specr > go nuggan go nuggan
Nuggan > 5
specr > cool
Nuggan > got em all!
Kelron Queldine > \o/
specr > o//
Kelron Queldine > the same lot of af's and inties again?
Nuggan > yep
Kelron Queldine > hope the loot makes up for your retri
specr > well done

I got 6 of them in all, and I figure that more than makes up for the one AF I lost.

What happens after this? Like many a pirate I get greedy and when I head back to collect the loot a BS is sitting at the gate. I desprately try to warp out, but I get targetted, scrambled and Nossed. Ok mr.BS, you win this round, I'll pay. Its better than trying to haul another one of these down here.

Update- ChatLogs from local after the fight:

Tatsue Nuko > well played
Nuggan > good fight guys!
Talona > Damn ... that was a hard layer of armour
Nuggan > 86% resists
chris lares > talona shoot him
chris lares > stop tal
Talona > Ok
Talona > Are you having a one on one ?
Talona > Chris?
chris lares > he paid me
chris lares > for his ship
chris lares > i aint gona pop him
Chrome Tsunami > :-)
Talona > Gah ... I wanted to see him pop
Talona > He shot down half our corp :-p
chris lares > :o
Nuggan > all at once :p

All in all though, this was some of the most fun I've had in Eve. Made me remember why I love this game! And I caught the tail end of the fight on fraps so look for it in Nuggan's Pirate Compilation Volume 4!


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Swethren on :

\o/ A proper story and not smack logs!! Good flying and welcome back :-D

K'reemy G'udness on :

Yay! Good job Nuggan! Welcome back! Now I can read interestinng stories again!

Also: Kelron Queldine makes an excellent cheering squad, btw, 'go nuggan go nuggan, it's your birthday'

Kelron Queldine on :

Hey, I only wrote 'go nuggan' once. I'm not a cheerleader :-)

Karistis on :

Haha! :-D

Anti-pirates are so cute.

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