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Pwning Noobs

Well my 4th pirate compilation is just about done, and its going to be a special one, but for now I just couldnt resist remixing my original three using the song "I feel like pwning noobs" from Its a great show about people who play video games and I highly suggest you check it out.

I Feel Like Pwning Noobs!


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anon on :

After... what 4 movies now? You still have no idea how to make one. While explosions are nice a whole movie of catching the ass end of a gan... fight is a waste of my time. I want my 5 minutes back.

Nuggan on :

After... what, x amount of anonymous posts now you still dont have the guts to leave your name and you still dont know how not to be rude? If you dont like my videos then stop watching them. I like to be a little more artistic than just taking the fight, slapping any kind of punk music in the background and then calling it a movie. Its not my fault you cant comprehend that this video is more of my own style of tribute to both piracy and the show purepwnage than it is a video to showcase the fights. Incase you missed it in my original post, or perhaps you have trouble reading so you just click on any links you see in hopes they take you to shiny pictures to distract you, this is a REMIX. In other words, the first three videos were taken, shortened to the money shots, and then set to music to create, brace yourself, a music video. Its not just about the fights and its not just about the song, its about those two things which I greatly enjoy being put together to create something greater. I see from your comment that you were aware of my other 3 videos. I just cant understand why people that seem to hate something so much continue to do it. Senseless masochism. If you didnt like my first 3 you shouldnt have even bothered watching this one. End of story.

I will not tolerate anymore senseless smack in this thread. If you dont like my movie you're welcome to comment that you dont as long as you dont make an ass out of yourself in the process.

Elite Pwner on :

Hey man. lol purepwnage 4tw. im in their clan btw. :-) yeah spoken to jeramy, kyle and fps_doug. nice remix. beter than some ive heard.

Nuggan on :

Thanks man, yeah purepwnage is sweet. I've talked to them once or twice myself. Hopefully I can make the drive to canada for the next episode.

Skratas on :

Nice vids man. Im gonna be getting into piracy in eve soon, hopefully if we cross paths, we wont be at the receiving of eachothers Turrets. Fly High m8

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