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ORE H does another guest appearance infront of our turrets.

So we were scouting out a belt hopping thorax and raven, suddenly the raven disappears from scanners.
We decided to head back to another system and start scanning the belts once more for other prey.

Luckily Theodorovik decided to just check the neighbour system shortly before we'd go. The raven was there!
Orders were given to regroup at the gate and wait for our ceptorpilot to scram the raven.

On the other side of the gate, a cat and rat game was held where the corpmate in a Osprey of this raven pilot from the corp ORE H were following our pilot.

Then suddenly they met back at the gates and for some reason the osprey and raven decided to attack our pilot. Rendering themselves flagged AND attacked by the sentry guns. We barely made it in to finish the fight before the osprey and raven was killed.

The pods were quickly taken care of.

Why this waste of ISK?!
We just wanted to ransom!


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Xenios Alfar on :

LoL probably thought they could tank the sentries... i suspect they were new to battleships and didnt realize sentries still own them >:-)

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