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Dragons of the Twilight Sun

Wow, so much has been going on lately, but now I think I'm finally ready to make this announcement. I have left the Killer Kitty Kats from Kent due to differences in playtimes and style. I have now formed my own pirate corporation called Dragons of the Twilight Sun with some real life friends of mine. We are recruiting! Combat experience is a big plus but not neccessary and I will personally train new recruits. I am currently not setting a minimum of skillpoints to apply as it is my belief that people of any skill levels have their effective place in combat, but you must at least be off of your free trial. Also, you must be able to at least log in to Ventrilo to listen, even if you dont have a microphone. To apply, contact me in game for further details or join channel Drotsrecruiting. And now I bring you:

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 4/ Dragons of the Twilight Sun recruitment video

As always, comments on the video are more than welcome, but please try to keep it civil.

See you all in game!


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iamruss on :

Hello Nuggan, I am currently a Caldari Mission Runner flying a raven. I am really quite bored of it, Originally I was going for the Navy Raven, and I almost have the Loyalty points to do so. How is the crossover from Caldara (missile skills) to the pirate life? If the change-over is simple, then I would definately be interested in your new corp. I hope to talk to you in-game.


Anon on :

Uh, Caldari kill things just fine. There's no crossover in skills involved, just... You're targeting players now, and not NPC's.

Anonymous on :

Okay well, I've read places and found out myself that gunnery is the ultimate pirating weapon of choice. Faster hits, etc...

Well thanks for the info.

Nuggan on :

Well it works just as well for piracy as anything else. As long as you're doing damage its all good.

One4two on :

v nice vid dude... enjoyed watching :-).. i would be real intrested in joining ur corp if u took me on board :-D.. name in game is one4two n i hope t spk to you in game :-D

Vance Avalon on :

Great video as always Nuggan...I always look forward to your vid releases.

Edwin Foxfire on :

Hey Nuggan, is your corp still recruiting? I' like to join but I'm currently on vacation and have no access to EVE. I should however be back home and in-game friday evening sometime. I live on the east coast of the U.S. so it will be late friday night in-game when I get on. If you happen to read this please drop me an eve-mail and let me know if you are still recruiting.

Nuggan on :

I'm afraid DroTS is full now... sorry

Ryles on :

hehe good luck with the corp Nug :-P

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