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First Hunt with the new corp

Well today I started accepting people into the corp. So far 8 have joined, and I'm not looking for many more so dont wait to apply! Most of the people who joined are noobs when it comes to PVP so I had to give them a little training before we started fighting. Lucky for us though they are very fast learners! They picked up the basics of scanning, fighting, pvp setups and more with amazing speed. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I couldnt be happier with the way things are going so far.

We had two absolutely flawless kills tonight: a Ferox and a Rupture. For the ferox I warped the gang in from our safespot and there it was, sitting just 18km from our warp in point. I quickly lock it down and scramble, but like a lion teaching its cubs to hunt I make sure my new corpmates are targetting and attacking before I tear into the ship. Did I mention I love the 8.2 damage bonus on my lasers? Seconds later the Ferox goes boom and the pod goes squish! We collect our loot and head back to the safespot only to be convoed by the ferox pilot. Evidenly he thinks we should have ransomed him and now hes quitting Eve... Hey Mr.Ferox pilot..can I have your stuff?

Soon we are joined by a few more new corp members and we use the scanner to see the rupture is sitting in a belt. We gang warp in only to find it already gone. A quick scan shows hes already moved to the next belt. Gang warp again, and rupture gone again.... this is starting to get annoying. Ok, without even a third scan I warp us immediately to the next belt to finally find him there....30km away and out of scramble range. Hitting the afterburners we swiftly close the distance to him and hes scrambled and locked in no time. Seconds later he is nothing but a cargo container and a pod.

All in all I couldnt be happier with how the corp is going so far. I'm looking forward to a great future of pirating, and eve-pirate readers should look forward to many more stories from me and even bigger fights in my pirate videos!


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aquontium on :

well, you didn't ransom him and then kill him at least :-)

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