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Some people just dont get it....

[ 2006.06.21 21:49:31 ] Pax Sex > i hate you

Now I hear that a lot. Usually right after I kill someone. It doesnt really bother me anymore, and its more than balanced by the fan mail (thanks! I love hearing from you guys! I try to answer all of it that I can), but every now and then you meet some people who just dont get it. This is a GAME. It is played for fun. People in the game will do what it takes to make the game fun for them. Sometimes what is fun for one person conflicts with what is fun for another person. This is part of the game. Welcome to Piracy!

This is an examination of certain events from last evening and today. Perhaps in this way, and with comments from you, my readers, we can shed some light on why these people think the way they do.
Last night my scanner came across a Caracal ratting in a belt. Turning on fraps(5th pirate compilation coming soon!) I warped into the belt and make short work of him. Boom goes the Caracal, but since i'm in a HAC the pod warps away before I can lock it. No big deal, I gather up the loot and warp to a spot to drop it off when I notice local blinking.

[ 2006.06.21 21:46:43 ] Pax Sex > faggot
[ 2006.06.21 21:46:56 ] Nuggan > :p
[ 2006.06.21 21:47:15 ] Pax Sex > stay there
[ 2006.06.21 21:47:19 ] Pax Sex > if you dare
[ 2006.06.21 21:47:30 ] Pax Sex > Nuggan
[ 2006.06.21 21:47:33 ] Pax Sex > kill this bastard
[ 2006.06.21 21:47:49 ] Nuggan > oh I'm so scared

This is about usual. When I dont kill the pod they try to point me out in local and have everyone else come quicky. Doing a quick scan of the local channels I see that no one there would pose much of a threat so I decide to stick around for a bit. Now I'm well know in the area, and though I dont know the people in local on an intimate basis I've at least spoken to a few of them before. As Pax whines about me killing him in local most of the regulars start to laugh.

[ 2006.06.21 21:48:55 ] Nuggan > rofl
[ 2006.06.21 21:48:57 ] TERROZ HUN > lol
[ 2006.06.21 21:49:31 ] Pax Sex > i hate you
[ 2006.06.21 21:49:42 ] Pax Sex > did you scrambled me?
[ 2006.06.21 21:49:45 ] Nuggan > thanks
[ 2006.06.21 21:49:47 ] Nuggan > yeah
[ 2006.06.21 21:49:58 ] Nuggan > I did scrambled you
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:13 ] Pax Sex > no fun
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:21 ] Pax Sex > i was just killed rats
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:23 ] Nuggan > not for you
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:28 ] Nuggan > fun for me though
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:25 ] Pax Sex > you gainned nothing
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:30 ] Pax Sex > NOTHING

Now why do people ALWAYS assume I have gained nothing? Is it because you just lost your ship and cant think straight? Is it because you feel that you've lost something and so to ease the pain your mind convinces you that I've not profited from this at all? Even a little is something. I've gained the fun I had killing you, the kill mail, the fun squish sound your pod makes, and any loot you might have dropped. This is something. Why does it matter if its only cheap t1 items? Its not like I'm killing you so I can get modules for my ship. If I've killed you mine are probably already better. You want to know how I gain from the scrap metal your ship left? Easy, I melt it down and then build ships and better modules out of it which I then sell or use myself. I'm supported only by my piracy and when I spend absolutely nothing except my time to build and sell ships then the profits are quite large. So this is why I've gained something.
Well at least some people seem to understand....

[ 2006.06.21 21:50:35 ] Nuggan > not true
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:35 ] Pax Sex > yeah
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:39 ] Margoth > He gained mild satisfaction
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:40 ] Nuggan > I got loot from your ship
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:41 ] TERROZ HUN > did he pop u
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:43 ] Nuggan > and fun
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:48 ] Pax Sex > you just killed me cause you spend much more playing
[ 2006.06.21 21:50:49 ] Pax Sex > idiot

Evidently people that play a lot lack intelligence. Actually I only play 1-3 hours a day, not that much at all. Well that idea is shot down, lets see what he trys next.

2006.06.21 21:51:13 ] Pax Sex > can't fight people at your lvl
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:18 ] Pax Sex > so you go hunt rookies
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:21 ] Pax Sex > and think you any good
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:25 ] Pax Sex > you just a scum bag

I'm sorry, I didnt realize Eve has levels. This is another assumption people always make: If you kill someone who is in a smaller ship than yours then you just cant handle combat and like to pick on noobs. Yet again... where is this coming from? Its not like I sit there looking for noobs in reapers and velators exclusively. I can only kill stuff that I can find in the belts. If that happens to be a ship smaller than mine I'm still going to kill it. If its bigger than mine, then depending on many factors, including ship type, player age, etc I may kill and I may not. Being a pirate isnt about stupidly and suicidily attacking anything you see any time, its about intelligently picking your fights and knowing both yourself and the enemy.

[ 2006.06.21 21:51:34 ] Pax Sex > scum bag
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:40 ] Nuggan > /emote shrugs
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:42 ] Nuggan > if you say so
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:48 ] Nuggan > most think I'm rather charming
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:50 ] Nuggan > /emote poses
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:55 ] TERROZ HUN > not having much luck around ere pax r u
[ 2006.06.21 21:51:58 ] Pax Sex > ";..;"
[ 2006.06.21 21:52:05 ] Pax Sex > nah, you a ugly nerd
[ 2006.06.21 21:52:09 ] Pax Sex > get a girldfriend

Ok, now here is where we start crossing the like from the people who understand its a game and people who dont. I believe personal insults have no place in Eve. Ok, you lost a ship, move on with your game life. Sitting there complaining about it wont help anything and just makes you look bad, especially with the real life threats. And I've already recieved 4 or 5 eve-mails asking to be my girlfriend. Sorry ladies, I'm already taken, and she'll never let you pull me away from her(even if I wanted to get away).

[ 2006.06.21 21:55:47 ] Nuggan > does the name calling make the hurt go away?
[ 2006.06.21 21:56:36 ] Pax Sex > pain?
[ 2006.06.21 21:56:41 ] Pax Sex > you did shit
[ 2006.06.21 21:56:50 ] Pax Sex > i was 20% shield with no wps
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:03 ] Nuggan > because it would have made a difference?
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:25 ] Pax Sex > only cheap items
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:30 ] Nuggan > so?
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:44 ] Pax Sex > you won nothing
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:47 ] Pax Sex > i lost nothing
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:54 ] TERROZ HUN > its what he does
[ 2006.06.21 21:57:56 ] Pax Sex > if you had fun with that, you have a short dick

Ok, now if you really want to know length/girth you'll have to ask my girlfriend, but I fail to see how enjoying piracy relates to reproductive organs(or shoe size).

[ 2006.06.21 21:58:37 ] Pax Sex > huahauahpathetic
[ 2006.06.21 21:58:47 ] Nuggan > sorry, didnt realize a GAME affected real life physical qualities
[ 2006.06.21 21:58:57 ] Pax Sex > stop working on eve, and pay for a penile implant
[ 2006.06.21 21:59:08 ] Pax Sex > so your 'monster girlfriend' will have some fun
[ 2006.06.21 21:59:30 ] Nuggan > you know its sad really
[ 2006.06.21 21:59:54 ] Nuggan > people that cant distinguish between a game and real life
[ 2006.06.21 22:00:11 ] TERROZ HUN > true must be a child
[ 2006.06.21 22:00:21 ] TERROZ HUN > about 8
[ 2006.06.21 22:01:01 ] TERROZ HUN > if a pirate comes in on belt hes gonna try and kill u end of story
[ 2006.06.21 22:01:43 ] TERROZ HUN > get over it
[ 2006.06.21 22:02:15 ] TERROZ HUN > learn too run faster
[ 2006.06.21 22:02:18 ] Nuggan > sorry if you're that obsessed with other peoples physical qualities....
[ 2006.06.21 22:03:18 ] Pax Sex > squelch Nuggan
[ 2006.06.21 22:03:35 ] Pax Sex > that's how i'm obsessed for miserable pirates
[ 2006.06.21 22:03:56 ] Nuggan > miserable?
[ 2006.06.21 22:04:01 ] Nuggan > I'm quite happy thanks
[ 2006.06.21 22:04:13 ] TERROZ HUN > just had a kill
[ 2006.06.21 22:04:42 ] Nuggan > yep
[ 2006.06.21 22:04:55 ] TERROZ HUN > and he bit even better

While all this is going on I see that Margoth has warped to the planet right next to me in a thorax. Battle ensues.
[ 2006.06.21 22:05:58 ] Margoth > Yarr, have at ye
[ 2006.06.21 22:06:25 ] Margoth > and yes I realise ill die, but im bored
[ 2006.06.21 22:06:48 ] Nuggan > well at least your a good sport
[ 2006.06.21 22:07:00 ] Nuggan > unlike some people
[ 2006.06.21 22:07:26 ] Margoth > And hey, whaddya know, The insurance means i can go buy an enyo.
[ 2006.06.21 22:07:46 ] Nuggan > haha
[ 2006.06.21 22:09:21 ] Nuggan > I think its just about time for the 5th Nuggan's Pirate Compilation
[ 2006.06.21 22:10:00 ] Pax Sex > go away
[ 2006.06.21 22:10:04 ] Pax Sex > nobody interested

Nobody's interested in a 5th compilation? Oh well, I'm gonna make it anyway. I originally started them just for fun and I still do them for that same reason. It'll still be posted here, I'm not forcing you to watch it...

People like TERRORZ HUN and Margoth give me hope for humanity, but then someone like Pax Sex comes along and dashes it on the rocks. Fortunately its usually people like him that get killed, so it feels like I'm doing the Eve Universe a favor by removing them from it.

Now we move on to today. While jumping between systems I find someone sitting at a gate in a Caracal. (whats with all the caracals? I thought this was supposed to be minmatar space.) Not thinking much of it I simply warp to a safespot and start hunting when I get a convo invite from the Caracal pilot:

[ 2006.06.22 18:16:12 ] KloFlitzer > hey
[ 2006.06.22 18:16:14 ] Nuggan > hi
[ 2006.06.22 18:16:17 ] KloFlitzer > are you friendly?
[ 2006.06.22 18:16:23 ] KloFlitzer > because youre blinking red not possibly gonna be that easy is it? ......yes, yes I'm friendly.....

[ 2006.06.22 18:16:53 ] KloFlitzer > ;-)
[ 2006.06.22 18:17:09 ] KloFlitzer > wanna do some pvp with me?

....I guess it IS gonna be that easy. Seriously, what goes through your mind when you jump through a gate to find someone in a HAC flashing red with -10 sec status and a link to Eve-Pirate in his bio? Is it really "look, a new friend to play with"?

So we gang up, I warp to a safespot and tell him to warp to me. He does and I obviously open fire on him. I get his ship down to armor when I see:
[ 2006.06.22 18:22:39 ] KloFlitzer > sy goody bye :-D
and his ship warps away. Damn you noobs trying to pirate with Stabs on. Now I'm describing these past events with my corp when he convoes me again:

[ 2006.06.22 18:25:09 ] KloFlitzer > you think you are funny in doing his?
[ 2006.06.22 18:25:11 ] KloFlitzer > ?
[ 2006.06.22 18:25:18 ] Nuggan > funny?
[ 2006.06.22 18:25:26 ] Nuggan > well yeah, i guess it was kinda funny
[ 2006.06.22 18:25:31 ] Nuggan > but thats not why I did it
[ 2006.06.22 18:25:41 ] KloFlitzer > why do you did it?
[ 2006.06.22 18:25:58 ] Nuggan > to kill you
[ 2006.06.22 18:26:06 ] Nuggan > and take your stuff
[ 2006.06.22 18:26:13 ] Nuggan > I'm a pirate
[ 2006.06.22 18:26:21 ] KloFlitzer > me too
[ 2006.06.22 18:26:29 ] Nuggan > not a very good one obviously
[ 2006.06.22 18:26:44 ] KloFlitzer > oh i think i am
[ 2006.06.22 18:26:50 ] KloFlitzer > wanna try to contest my main char :-D
[ 2006.06.22 18:27:01 ] KloFlitzer > i think you will die perhaps in 10 seconds;)

Woah, a challenge....or is it? Earlier he was bragging about his "amazing kill" in his Caracal against someone in a rifter. I decide to call his bluff.

[ 2006.06.22 18:27:25 ] KloFlitzer > ok sec i will take my 44.4 mio char
[ 2006.06.22 18:27:27 ] KloFlitzer > wait here
[ 2006.06.22 18:27:51 ] Nuggan > right... because obviously skill points make the character
[ 2006.06.22 18:28:07 ] Nuggan > its not about how well you play the game
[ 2006.06.22 18:28:11 ] Nuggan > its all skillpoints
[ 2006.06.22 18:29:03 ] KloFlitzer > no but i dont think that you can win agains a temtest

Ok, so he claims to have a 44mill sp character in a tempest he will use to come kill me. So I wait and wait and wait and he doesnt show up. Big surprise. So I start talking to him in convo again.

[ 2006.06.22 18:35:30 ] Nuggan > look m8, are you brining your tempest or not
[ 2006.06.22 18:35:44 ] Nuggan > either put your money where your mouth is or shut up
[ 2006.06.22 18:35:54 ] KloFlitzer > ok i shut up
[ 2006.06.22 18:36:03 ] Nuggan > ok then
[ 2006.06.22 18:36:08 ] Nuggan > have fun being a noob
[ 2006.06.22 18:36:25 ] KloFlitzer > yep ;-)

Ok, I called his bluff right? Now I just dont get it, did he really think I'd believe he'd been flying around with this character when he has this other 44mill sp one that could kill me instantly? It kind of reminds me of when I played the original Everquest and EVERYONE that you happened to annoy had a level 56 necromancer who was going to come kill you despite not being on a pvp server. Now I thought this whole thing was over untill he convoed one of my corp members:

[ 2006.06.22 18:37:59 ] Andrew Jade > now he's convoing me
[ 2006.06.22 18:38:13 ] Nuggan > rofl whats he say
[ 2006.06.22 18:39:40 ] Andrew Jade > he's asking why i'm camping the station ?

Now AJ was not camping the station. He was just sitting outside of it in a BS. He doesnt even flash red. So I warp to the station to meet AJ and another corp member of ours Kryptonite3476 and begin thinking about where we could go hunt. Now KloFlitzer just keeps docking and undocking from the station in a shuttle while we sit outside of it. I guess he thought he was playing with us or something. Ok, hes starting to get annoying now, time to teach him a lesson.

[ 2006.06.22 18:47:25 ] Kryptonite3476 > next time he comes out, do you want to pop him right here?
[ 2006.06.22 18:47:35 ] Nuggan > yeah pop him

His shuttle goes pop and he isnt even fast enough to dock his pod before we squish it. His corpse now rests in our hangar. So as we sit at a safespot waiting for our agression times to go down he convoes us once again:

[ 2006.06.22 18:57:48 ] Kryptonite3476 > klof just convoed me
[ 2006.06.22 18:57:54 ] Nuggan > rofl what did he say
[ 2006.06.22 18:58:05 ] Kryptonite3476 > "nice kill"
[ 2006.06.22 18:58:12 ] Nuggan > hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[ 2006.06.22 18:58:41 ] Kryptonite3476 > says hes looking for a new corp
[ 2006.06.22 18:58:52 ] Kryptonite3476 > wants to know if were accepting

Does he really think after all that he's just going to be welcomed into our corp with open arms? We politely decline.

[ 2006.06.22 19:05:20 ] Kryptonite3476 > Klof wants to know if were good now he wants some "free time"
[ 2006.06.22 19:05:22 ] Kryptonite3476 > lol
[ 2006.06.22 19:05:35 ] Nuggan > some what? wtf?
[ 2006.06.22 19:05:53 ] Andrew Jade > lol, think he feels he's earned a hall pass :-P

Now really, I've taken many psychology classes, even considered being a psychologist for a while, but sometimes I have absolutely no clue what makes people think these things.

And for future reference, just because we killed you once does not mean you have a "hall pass".



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Anonymous on :

First story is just sad, the second i found quite funny and realistic. Its like darwins law, the strong survive and addapt or mutate. The weak try to act strong so they hope they can get strong friends.

Good work teaching these kids a lesson.

Anonymous on :

The fact that you bring this long boring story here shows that in reality you DO enjoy pissing people off. You can't help criticising the idiot for getting cross, but in reality you like that bit the best. If you didn't you'd just shrug and move on and not spend hours writing this stuff.

Nuggan on :

I'm sorry if you found it boring. Most people seemed to enjoy it. I'm not forcing you to read my stories or watch my videos though, so if you dont like them then dont come here and look at them.

Do I think its fun the way people sometimes get overly pissed off? Yes, though I much prefer it when people discuss the fight in a civil manner after it.

Ah, the anonymity of the internet. You people boldly post to criticize me, yet cowardly omit your names. Just remember, I can see the ips, so I can tell who posted what.

anon on :

yup there are a fair few spoiled brat kids out there in eve who give you the impression that getting jumped by a pirate is the first time they havent been able to get their own way by screaming.
I think they should be gratefull to you, because I know that kids around my way learn the same lesson about human nature in real life much earlier, and usually in a much more painfull and/or expensive way.

anon on :

i hate you

Anonymous on :

why i why do hey bother complaining my destroyer got destroyed on the way back tp more secure space from applying to your corp nuggan and i just thought it was ironic and funny

Kirex on :

I think im going to link this in my Bio as the "OMG-why-did-I-kill-you FAQ"

Nuggan on :

ROFL you're more than welcome to.

Dale Cussler on :

The funny thing is that they'll even bitch and complain if say, you would've taken his Caracal out in a frigate. Only then it's the "omgz you got more skillpoints than me" ploy.

Feh. Sheep. :-D

Anonymous on :

EVE's pirates are called griefers in any other game i've played. From reading the stories on this site i get the impression that pirates are mostly killing people to get some namecalling started. That way you'll have a chatlog to share on teh intarweb (or in your bio ROFL), so you can pad yourself on the back for killing another namecaller.

This part made me laugh: "Being a pirate isnt about stupidly and suicidily attacking anything you see any time, its about intelligently picking your fights and knowing both yourself and the enemy."

In other words you only attack what would be considered a PvP noob compared to yourself! At least until you've made enough ISK from noobfighting to afford a high risk fight ;-)

I love EVE... it's deep, complex and very big. But pirates/griefers are more than anything else making me thinking about cancelling my subscription.

I'm a casual gamer who just want's to have fun and relax with some gaming after work. I mostly mind my own business doing missions or trading. But having my ship blown up by a pirate gang means that i have to spend my next entire gaming session getting a new ship and fitting it. Thats not exactly what i consider fun :/

Last time i got ganked i didn't play for 2 weeks. I dunno... you guys might be having a fun time pirating but that's not the playstyle i'm looking for. Maybe this game just isn't for me anyway.

I'm not trying to diss and start a flamewar here. Just trying to explain a casual gamers view of piracy in EVE. Cause from my point of view it's very understandable why your victims get upset.

Nuggan on :

I dont kill to get namecalling started, I kill because I like the thrill of the hunt.

"In other words you only attack what would be considered a PvP noob compared to yourself! At least until you've made enough ISK from noobfighting to afford a high risk fight ;-)"

No, it means I dont go around attacking 3 drone filled battleships while I'm in a t1 frig. I take harder fights, it makes the game more fun, I just dont suicide myself. Watch the 5th pirate compilation, I purposely dont kill a vexors drones just to make the fight a bit tougher.

I can understand that you dont like losing your ship and will get upset about it. What I really DONT understand is why you think that its an excuse to whine like a spoiled baby.

Anonymous on :

Your corp ir causing a rukus. I told my pilates to be careful around bosena. Your new members already ganked 6 pilots of mine. One in a raven got 3 of my cruisers, and other times they just got over powered

Nuggan on :

And I couldnt be more proud of them :-)

Ant on :

"Last time i got ganked i didn't play for 2 weeks. I dunno... you guys might be having a fun time pirating but that's not the playstyle i'm looking for. Maybe this game just isn't for me anyway."

Yeah I think you better, if there were no pirates on EVE it would just be like any other boring MMO were PvP is mutually consenting.

Phelan Boots on :

Way to go Nuggan. Keep up the good work.

Azirapheal on :

speaking as someone relatively new to EVE - certainly in context with those with uber skillpoints and nastiness - player piracy is fantastic.

i was omgwtfbbwpwnd by YNC on my first foray out from the starting missions, al i thought about was how to arm my ship to try and get some payback. i rarely say more than "nice kill" after i get ganked, or lose my ship. but no ive got a raven in hangar for 00 ratting to get money back again.

so why do i enter notorious areas like aunenen/anin and blind hope in destroyers, and frigates? because they can be used for mission running, but when im attacked or if i get bored and attack someone else, its fun.

in most mmog's combat is a consentual process - you quite clearly wander into the wilderness for a button mashing fight. to me anyone in low sec and 00 is game, and ive had a new nice ones - warped into anin to see a badger picking up loot from an encounter, bummed it to find that he had 10t2 heavy launchers that survived. nyoink!

keep up the good work nuggan - and to the bloke that "wants to eave because of it" the trick is, when you buy in ships, try to do it in multiples, buy twice everything you need and have both ships ready to go in your hangar, get out of there with your new ship and finish off the damage lol

Brenin Tamar on :

Exactly mate - I'm about as nooby as they come (started a couple of days ago) and with the tutorials still fresh in my mind they even tell you there to keep money and equipment safe in case you're blown-up.

It's people who bitch about pvp stuff who are contributing to the nanny state of today!! I say shoot em all down!! lol

Sonny on :

"I'm a casual gamer who just want's to have fun and relax with some gaming after work. I mostly mind my own business doing missions or trading."

Stay in highsec, and dont load too valuable stuff into your hauler. Problem solved. In lowsec, people will try to kill you - if you dont like the chase, dont go there.

About the angry victims: I've pirates a bit and had good experiences. People were cool with it, many chatted for quite a while afterwards. I believe it is because i dont attack ships that are way weaker than my own ship.
Honestly i can understand people getting angry about being attacked in the belts by a way stronger ship. Like a bship bothering to catch a destroyer, or a hac bothering for a cruiser...
I fly cruisers and when scanning out t1 targets i dont bother for anything smaller than a cruiser - its just pointless, what do u gain for taking out a destroyer? 200k ISK?

If you live only from piracy you might be more hard pressed to make the really easy kills for some peanut ISK...
But it really seems that the only reason for such kills is, well, the kill - killing a way weaker target actually, who has no chance whatsoever.
And i think that is what pisses off people so much.

nobody on :

Nuggan, after reading this i have actually changed my way of thinking of piracy. it really makes you realize how stupid you sound when you get pissed off over something like this. sometimes you have to just say, "hey good kill, watch your back cuz im coming with the heat next time" i mean, i couldnt even understand someone being pissed if they lost a small ship. thats no biggie. if it was a BS i could see being pissed off, but you cant blame the pirate. you were in low sec to begin with so if you didnt want to scratch your precious baby then leave in .5 and stick to killing belt rats. thanks for the eye opener!

Duranis Satosith on :

I have only been playing for just over a month and love the game. Not a pirate myself (not much point trying with less then 2m SP and 80% of them being learning skills).

I have been killed a few times by pirates though and I have to say all the guys that have killed me so far have been pretty nice and I could have avoided every kill if I had stayed in higher sec space.

Every kill has taught me something new too. Last time I got killed I was in my new Cyclone. I had enough skills to run it ok for ratting but not really for PvP against anyone halfway decent. I found a quiet 0.3 system and spent about an hour ratting, had a safe spot set up and instas ready to go.

There where a couple of people coming and going but I was moving around pretty fast and keeping an eye on where they where with the scanner and they seemed to just be ratting too or just passing through.

The mistake I made was getting overconfident. After about an hour a guy warps in in a BS (cant remeber what one it was, I'am a newb after all :-P) I head to my safe spot and check out his movements. He is harder to track which should have given it away to begin with but I start to think I will probably be ok. Wrong.

I went and cleared another belt and just as a finish I see this guy warp in. I try and warp out but he manages scramble me before I can line up for warp (2nd mistake was not warping to somewhere that wasnt 180 degrees behind me).

The fight starts off ok. His missles hurt but my shield tank is holding up fine and we both seem to have the same amount of NOS so cap isnt a problem.

Then my 3rd mistake, I know nothing about Electronic Warfare. All of a sudden I lose my lock on the guy and cant get it back. Nothing left to do but let the guy blow up my new cyclone and try and get my pod out.

Sorry about the long drawn out story but the point is did I rant and scream at the guy for blowing up my new ship (he did offer a ransom but I didnt have the cash to pay, 4th mistake, never fly a ship you cant afford to lose ;-) ).

I did however tell him he had a very nice setup and that there wasnt anything I could do. Despite the fact that I lost a lot in terms of ISK, I gained a lot more in terms of experience and I'm actually pretty greatful to the guy.

At the end of the day I could have stayed in 0.7 space running missions and I would still have my Cyclone. Nobody forces anyone to go into low sec space. Hell i could even have fitted some stabs if I was that concerned about getting killed and I would have saved myself more then once.

Pirates give Eve more life. Otherwise all there is for people in smaller corps is mining and mission running which soon gets dull.

People that get that upset about getting their ship/pod destroyed should seriously consider not playing anymore.

Charlie McCaig on :

"I mostly mind my own business doing missions or trading. But having my ship blown up by a pirate gang means that i have to spend my next entire gaming session getting a new ship and fitting it."

It's seems to me that the people who get offeneded by being pirated are usually players who haven't joined corps. Quit being so antisocial, join a corp, get ships and modules provided, insure your ship and buy a clone - then what have you got to lose?

Condemed on :

What can we say were a corp who likes to kill people. No matter how overpwoered you are we will kill you anyway, your aim is to try and survive :-). I luv pirating its good fun and not boring. Plus you always get these ppl hurling abuse at you which is always funny to see :S. I never rpely though I jsut elt them call me whatever they want

Ral YoungBeard on :

Wow some people just don't get it, do they?

Eve explained in terms anyone can understand: CCP says: "here's some rocks in space, here's some stations, now go take the rocks to the stations and make ships out of the rocks and weapons and go blow each other up... gl, hf!!" That's Eve.

Nuggan on :

Well said.

fatjon on :

I've never done pvp before, ventured into low sec a couple of times so far but mostly through ignorance during my first couple of weeks play ;-)

Reading eve-pirate has made me want to get in on the action :o] although lvl 4 missions are pretty tough and good fun.

I am probably still a n00b in reality, but I totally agree that pirates are part of the game. I was ganked by some gate campers while doing a lowsec courier mission, I didn't say anything, in fact it was quite exciting to have 10+ BC's warp in and desperately try to get to the jump without an afterburner before they squished me.

I know the risks of lowsec and don't plan to go there to pvp until I get a bit more experience.
I look at some kiddies playing this game and am totally unsurprised when they go looking for a bit of fun but end up quitting and unsubcribing because they expected a similar return on their investment of time as their other MMORG's.

EvE is a long term learning experience, people that don't have the mentality or the patience for it are culled by pirates and I think thats a great thing because it keeps the standard of players high and the maturity levels likewise.

UltraMind on :

And these people seem to think that you always get away scott free. I flew with Red Alert who transformed me from miner to PvPer. We flew local to Old Man Star and camped it regularly. Then the mutal standing corps formed the 9th fleet alliance. We had tangles with TFRC and AIC. Our kills started to form a nice blob on the map. Then for the mid skill members things got dangerous. Regular incursions of several Bs with cov op scouts at times when most where offline. 30 man friggie squads at peak times. We took losses and moved on, its not easy to make money when you are just zerg'd by others.


SonofPlankton on :

Hi there Nuggan,

your story caught my attention when i read the name of the peep - pax sex

This little griefer was trying to trick my mining party in High Sec into attacking him - the standard drop a can next to a mining party, target them and hope they are too inexperienced and either:
1. Shoot at him - thereby incurring the wrath of Concord
2. Take back the ore he has stolen from our pod... giving him kill rights....

Anyway, what a hypocrite PAX SEX is to complain about getting popped in LOW SEC when he is quite happy to grief newer players in High Sec with in my opinion a nasty little trick.

I was fortunate enough to go on the PVP university course run by Agony Unleashed - I reccommend all players that have no experience in PVP to do so - I understand more about the game and am not a victim - of course i am green - I have little in the way of practical ability - skill points are ok, but i guarantee anyone who has attended an EVE University or Agony Unleashed course will NEVER smack talk like this little twerp.

Also quite interesting, waqs Pax Sex was most eloquent in the Smack talk in Local when I relocated my mining group of newer corp members to another belt.

Pirates make the game "dangerous", they are players who are more experienced and so are potentially lethal to the inexperienced player - but their presence gives spice to a potentially drab universe.


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