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Pirate Compilation 5

In celebration of Eve-Pirates server coming back up I think its now time to release:

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 5!

About 50 megs this time and 10 minutes long. The rules for the duel were the first to get the other to half structure wins.

To those who asked: Yes, the caracal being blow up in the video is Pax Sex(from my previous post)

You know the drill guys... let me know what you think!

By Request: original pirate video links are in extended body.
Pirate Compilation 4
I feel like Pwning Noobs's_Pirate_Compilation_3.wmv -Pirate compilation 3(copy/paste url)
Pirate Compilation 2
Pirate Compilation 1


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Formosus Funus on :

Nice movie.

Im already checking this site out for multiple times a day to see if there are any stories/video's added. Everytime I see/read them Im getting the adrenaline, just like I was in it. Though Im far from that good. But Im still learning, only 2 months in the game yet LOL.

I got fanmail a time too, and its so funny to read the nonsens they're actually writing roflmao.

Joe Monso on :

Hey bud, another good video. I look forward to the next one. Hope things are going well for you and your new corp, it's good to see 'em in the videos.

Seorg on :

Excellent piece of entertaiment, but the quality could have been a tad bit better tbh. It doest matter to download a bit longer to get better quality.

I hope you keep your clips coming ;-)

Anon on :

It would be better if there were some actual fights. F1, F2, etc. and the helpless ship explodes is kind of a snorefest.

Greet on :

Not that much action to be honest, please turn the quality up, the blurry text and digits make my eyes cry, i don't mind downloading more if it means more quality.

Nuggan on :

Well I'm afraid I cant do much about the quality. I play at 1280x1024 resolution and fraps will only capture at half resolution, so its 640x480

M3 on :

Holy f***, the quality is gruesome.

Really pathetic dude. Increase the resolution.

Play at 1152x864, capture at full screen.
It CAN do much about that crappy quality.

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