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Izo, your a bloody idiot.

Time and time again I have told people "Trust no one" and thought "I'm not stupid, I'll see it coming and I'll be outta there."

So I've just left ASCN space, to rejoin my Piracy career, possibly in my own Corp! Well, I'm hunting for 2 hours before i find a Rifter... Pop... And move on, I, by the way, am in an Ishkur.

A Jaguar jumps in and after a short period of time, I find the fellow in a belt. Heart beating, as I've not been in the Piracy game for about a month, I fly 10km to get inside 20km... Where I didnt even have a 20km scram... and engage. Brilliant, I cut through him fast enough and I ransom for 15 mil.

I get a "Sure" in reply and he jams me... Which a faction jammer, at 7km or so, that wasnt even suppoed to work for my race. (ECM is overpowered people!) Course this is all happening at the speed of light and I forget to pull my drones off. He goes pop, along with most of his modules.

Then, he says he'll pay the ransom if he can get his gear back. To quote Nuggan on this one, "It cant be this easy... can it?"

He asks me to watch his can, so i reply...

[ 2006.06.28 10:42:24 ] Izo Azlion > Sure I'll keep my eye on it.
[ 2006.06.28 10:42:49 ] Ivana Cebera > ok...dont friggin shoot me when i come back then please!!
[ 2006.06.28 10:43:12 ] Ivana Cebera > ill transfer isk when i have word
[ 2006.06.28 10:43:19 ] Izo Azlion > You have my word, then too. :-)
[ 2006.06.28 10:43:26 ] Ivana Cebera > k
[ 2006.06.28 10:43:40 ] Ivana Cebera > heh...what belt were we in??
[ 2006.06.28 10:43:47 ] Izo Azlion > VI 8
[ 2006.06.28 10:43:56 ] Ivana Cebera > k
[ 2006.06.28 10:45:40 ] Izo Azlion > Theres a can near the one you blew up in, its what I took from your loot, Its there also for you to pick up.
[ 2006.06.28 10:46:18 ] Ivana Cebera > was there much left?
[ 2006.06.28 10:47:08 ] Izo Azlion > A little bit
[ 2006.06.28 10:47:43 ] Ivana Cebera > hummm
[ 2006.06.28 10:49:11 ] Izo Azlion > your heading for me, i will open fire

The answer to the above question, is "No".

Turns out I get raped by a Cyclone, him coming for revenge, and he pops my two month old Ishkur, getting a faction passive, and various tech 2 mods.


Now, what did I learn from this?

-Dont trust anyone
-Watch stuff for people with the scanner, rather than up close
-Dont trust anyone
-Get out while you still can
-Dont ****in trust anyone

Turns out he aint a bad lad, and I might even wind up flying with him, but let it be a lesson to you all. You dont need gank squads to have fun, peoples word isnt always honourable, and EVE is harsh.


Izo Azlion

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Anonymous on :

you were killing a guy and you expected him to be honest?

when will people learn to:
1. pop the ship
2. ransom the pod

double the reward and impants are often way more expensive than any ship ransom.

when going solo, only people you should ever ransome are the ones who:
1. dont shoot back
2. convo you themselves

Thut'ankh Amon on :

ivana is umm a little unstable when playing - due to the fact he has a pub under his apartment > he usually goes afk for few minutes to have a pint every hour. my bet is he forgot you were there guarding his stuff :-D

this guy is fun to be around but flying with him is always a bit dangerous - ill never forget going to deep 0.0 on his instas, and then him loging of in space to go to pub hehe. i was siting in ss scratching my head what to do - my very first trip to lawless space:)

Vance Avalon on :

ECM is not over powered. I hate it being used against me, so I carry an ECCM. They have upgraded the ECCM and Backup Arrays to a great degree now. :-)

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