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Its really nothing special and its not brilliantly edited, I only spent an hour or two on it.

Ishkur Pwnage!

126mb or so... 15 minutes long...

You'll notice I do my fair bit of ransoming, and I'll note that none of them wanted to pay... apart from the Iteron pilot, but his buddies warped in, and he didnt haven enough anyway.


Izo Azlion.

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Hellkyte on :

Wait, how do you have a propulsion unit on a low spot. Also, it looks like your cap changed when you went after that guy who was ratting that stalled you.

Anyways, damn I want an ishkur

Izo Azlion on :

You can drag the modules around ... makes it easier to lay them out. You'll notice i dont have my passives showin either.

Ishkur rocks man, and thanks for the compliments :-)

Formosus Funus on :

Whoa, that was a real good way to escape from the Crow/Raptor. Really nice done. Nice movie too, not very good quality, but good enough.

Kal on :

Nice vid! Enjoyed watching it :-) lol at the mining op in the beginning ^^ and yea, damn lucky escape from the crow ;-)

maxspada on :

all very good as normal ,
well what you expect from such a fine pirate

Phelan Boots on :

Way to go Izo. I wish my AF's had drone bays for such slick tricks.

erm...that rhymed a bit to much...

Nuggan on :

Nice vid Izo! Ishkur is a great little ship.

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