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Fun Fun Fun.

It's been a while since I've pirated but i got started again in the last couple of days.

Wednesday night (UK Time) Pliskkenn and I were hunting around one of our normal systems. when we noticed a Brutix on the scanner. We narrowed it down to a single asteroid belt. At this time I was flying a maller and Pliskk was flying a Rifter. I warped in and told pliskk to warp to X-7 belt. I landed 26KM away from the brutix and immediately started AB'ing towards him. he had plenty of time to warp but he didnt, I scrambled him and started firing. Within a few seconds his shields had evaporated and mine were still at 75% his armor went just as quick and just as my shields were finishing his structure started. I convo'ed him and demanded 10 million or his ship.

He abruptly payed. Unfortunately when Pliskk had warped in he had landed 50km away and decided to rewarp. so he didnt get much of the Action. Pliskk and i left the belt and split the ransom 50:50.

The next day a group of our Corp were out hunting and entered a system we use a lot and as usual local was full of targets.

I opened my scanner to maximum after someone had said there were mining barges on scanner. We managed to narrow it down to one belt but had hit a snag. Not only were there 2x Covetors and a retriever in the belt but also 2x Dominix and a prophecy. Our gang currently consisted of 2x Frigates 1x Destroyer and a Cruiser (me).

After about 5 minutes of pondering we decided that we would try to Kill at least one of the barges and escape. so we warped in. I scrambled the closest barge which was 18km away and proceeded to engage. Unfortunately the whole mining OP + fleet warped off. The barges had stabs, only one dominix remained from the defense force and we decided it wasnt worth engaging and warped to a SS.

So all in all a fun past few days.

Oh yah and wednesday also a corp member reported being under attack by a vengeance in a belt. Veng V Jaguar. So i suited up in my Prophecy and made haste to the system where i warped to my corp mate. By this time the vengeance' friend turned up in a cyclone. I saw it and decided bigger target first. I engaged the cyclone only to be jammed by it. at this point i was worried as my tank was based on my power to Nos my target.

The jaguar was easily holding up against the vengeance while the cyclone hammered me. The jaguar pilot from my corp managed to warp off but i was not so lucky. scrambled in a giant fat pidgeon sized coffin. about 2 minutes later my prophecy went pop and i warped off in my pod. Wansnt an entirely successful run but we got the jag pilot out and i wasnt bothered by my loss, i would not have been flying it if i could not afford to lose it.

Hopefully more to come soon.


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