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So cold....

The blue gel.....

A soft glow eminates from the bridge of the drifting hulk.

Nuggan's pod begins to hum with activity as he slowly awakens from cryo-sleep. Senses return one at a time.... touch.... followed by sight.... He slowly begins to realize what is happening.... where he is.... who he is... he remembers....

The cryo-sleep. Yes, thats right... he put himself in cryo-sleep to better learn what?... well it doesnt matter right now...

After drifting for days....weeks.... in low power mode, the sensors on his Zealot have alerted him to activity in the surrounding area and have woken him. And when Nuggan wakes.... death follows.

The hull of the heavy cruiser groans in protest as the impulse engines begin to fire... and shortly after, the warp drive.

Moons... Planets... Suns...The Red Clouds of Bosena....
all a blur as the Zealot races towards that one blinking spot on the scanner...

Asteroids and planetoids fly into view, surrounding the ship. The immense drifting masses hang lazily as though suspended by cosmic strings.

Far on the other side of the belt, but a speck from Nuggan's view, a tiny ship scans for minerals. Tiny robotic drones zip to and fro collecting the precious ore and depositing it back to the ship.

A Probe. Probably from one of the schools in the area. Sent for preliminary scans before a larger mining operation.

The Zealot silently glides between the rocks, a ghost in the field, and the Probe slowly approaches.

Suddenly the Zealot lights up with activity! Sensors lock down the tiny frigate... a warp jammer charges... lasers take aim...

One volley is all it takes. The blue light of explosion reflects of the asteroids and shrapnel sends the miniscule drones blasting off in every direction.

Silence, once again....

Three ships come out of warp... A large Ferox Battlecruiser and two Rupture class cruisers... a Trap!

The moment the ships had dropped their warp bubbles Nuggan had begun targetting them.
Not even concerned with warp disruption at this point the Pirate does what he does best.

The Zealots engines FLARE to life as it quickly sets an orbit around the Ferox. Missile after missile begins to leak out of the battlecruiser as photonic death from Nuggan's turrents punches holes into the hull of the first rupture.

Another blue explosion lights up the asteroids in the red Bosena sky and the second rupture warps into infinity. Nuggan is not willing to let the Ferox escape so easily and his warp disruptor begins its slow pulse.

Explosions pound the armor of the Zealot as its lasers rip through the shields of the Ferox. Repairing his own armor, Nuggan begins to see the holes in that of his Enemy.

Small fires leak into space.....

Nuggan's lasers power down.

For the third time that night, the asteroids bear witness to an explosion and are showered with metallic shards.

Nuggan, not having blinked once since he awoke, floats impassive in his pod on the bridge of the Zealot.

After scavenging what he can from the remains of the ships he prepares to return to cryo-sleep.

The asteroids dance their cosmic ballet amid the silent debris as the Zealot aligns for warp.

As the cryo-sleep begins to once again overtake him, Nuggan's unblinking gaze sights the frozen corpse of the Ferox pilot floating among the wreckage.....


So cold.....


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Nuggan on :

intr.v. To break out anew or come into renewed activity, as after a period of quiescence.

For those who dont know I am currently on a semi-break from Eve. I'll be gone untill september for the most part, but I do log in every now and then to catch a fight. For this story I decided to do something a little different. I hope you all enjoy it!

Izo Azlion on :

Nice lil story there Nuggan :-D For a very short piece, its got some awesome description in there.



xander0000000000 on :

Hi there, missed ur story`s. Is a pitty
that I didn`t get the chance to fly by ur side, the short time I`v been in ur corp. Hope to hear more from u, and, lol, after I get my skills up a bit and my finances to I will come back to join ur corp if u still wanna accept me. Keep it going

IceEyz on :

Wow, incredible story :-)

I really just signed up for Eve, after waiting too long since Beta. Just came across this site, and reading stories like these, just awesome!

This story really makes me stick around!

zephirz on :

nice :-D slaughtering traps is funny ^^

ladyunlucky on :

absoloutly breathtaking story there.. filled with description... paints a very detailed picture in the readers mind.

10/10 good job :-)

this is bigbens new char!

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