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Sometimes Real Life gets a bit to real...

Well, its certainly been a while since I posted here. Everything in this story is true. It is a tale of Eve, as well as real events in my life, and how Eve can effect a person.

I've heard it said that it is the decisions you make when you have no time to make them that prove who you really are. If thats true then as of two days ago I can honestly say I am proud of who I am.


My computer is broken. It has been for about a month, but I can still play Eve on my laptop. The laptop is fairly new, but I didnt intend to use it for games when I purchased it and it lacks a graphics card. Eve runs a bit slow on this so I've usually just been on changing skills. Despite the fact that I have been flying a Fleet Command Ship lately the sluggish nature of my computer has instilled an emotion in me that this pirate has not felt in a long time: Fear

As far as I knew, enemies were everywhere and if swarmed I would barely have time to react before the game came to a crashing halt and my ship was left as a revelations wreck amid the drifting asteroids. In the last week however I began to feel what one might call a "cabin fever" of sorts. I couldnt stay cramped in the station anymore, so I took a risk. Calling a friend to help confirm an itching suspicion I undocked and warped with him to a safespot. Initiating combat my lasers flared to life as wrecking shot after wrecking shot tore his ship to pieces and my computer graphics slowed to a crawl. Strangely enough though, even with the graphics down to about 1frame/5seconds my ship still responded perfectly to all commands I gave it with the keyboard. The dread that I had felt about undocking slowly began to seep away and I found myself thirsting for the hunt again. I thanked my friend and was on my way.

After cruising my favorite systems for a while I happened upon a lonely soul ratting in a battlecruiser. This would be the first real test of my new ship, so I wanted to be prepared. Checking the pilot's information I find that he was nearly as old as I am. This should be a good fight. Warping in to 0 in the belt I land only about 2000km from the drake. Target locked, warp jammed, lasers begin to fire...

My ship unloaded into this battlecruisers with a fury I had never seen, and still have not seen, for as his tech2 missiles began bombarding my ship my framerate once again went to hell. My sound still worked, and every now and then I would get a quick update on the status of my ship and his. The fight seemed like it lasted twenty minutes, when in reality I cut through his t2 shield tank, armor, and most of his hull in less than 20 seconds. My graphics picked up again as he stopped firing and sent me a simple message in conversation:

"I'll pay"

My fingers danced over the f-keys momentarily as I quickly decided what to do. I didnt ask for a ransom... and I wanted to see the new shipwrecks... and my fingers retracted to their normal space on the keyboard as I typed my response:


No sooner had he recieved it his ship went critical as my lasers cut through his warp core creating a stunning explosion of blue light and shrapnel and leaving pile of twisted metal and a pod floating in its place. Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I sat victorious. All sense of fear was gone from me at this point, for it had been replaced by a hunger, hunger for more kills and greater conquests, and a memory, the memory of who I was. I am Nuggan, the pirate, and I am what was to be feared.

Over the next few days I wracked up many more kills, but they are stories left for another day. Now we come to the real life part of this adventure.

Up untill yesterday I worked in a bank as a teller. I quit my job for reasons unrelated to what I am about to tell, and I had turned in my resignation a week beforehand. Two days ago, friday, I was counting down the hours untill my last day of work. I had been thinking about Eve a lot, wanting to play more, and had been reading Eve Chronicles and fiction that I had printed out. At one point I almost asked a customer who told me he was in from a different state if he had warped in or used jump clones(this is not a joke, I actually caught myself almost saying this).

We now come to a little over halfway through the day. No customers were in the bank and so I was reading and relaxing. Of the other two tellers who worked there one was out to lunch and a second was sitting next to me at her window with her head on her desk. The manager was not working today, but a manager from a different branch was there to cover for her and she was decorating the Christmas Tree. We have no assistant manager or operation supervisor.

A man walks into the branch. He is wearing a hoodie with his hood up and a scarf over his face. Being as my teller window was the first in line from the door he stops in front of it. Suddenly I have a plastic bag shoved into my hands and a gun pointed at my face. I am told to "fill it up. 10 seconds". And he starts counting "9....8....7"

My brain is working super fast at this point. Everything seems to be happening almost in slow motion to me. I look up at the man and catch his glare right in the eyes. Strangely I am not afraid. Not in the least. I felt more fear from undocking that first time on the laptop than I did right at that moment. Instead I felt something else: A rush of adrenaline and a hunger. The hunger of the hunt... the hunger of Eve. I have seen the enemy and I was ready for the fight.

Opening my drawer I immediately set off the alarm and turn on the cameras. As the man counts down I grab the money and as I move to put the first handful in the bag I realize something. I see the man as only a hunter knows how to see his prey, as only a fighter sees his nemesis, and as I again catch his gaze I realize the truth. He is shaking, his hands are sweaty, he cant stand still. This man before me, the man who has the gun pointed at ME, is terrified. Not only terrified of what he is doing, but terrified that I am utterly calm and dont seem the least bit disturbed by what is going on. At this point, I can only believe that I was not controlling my mouth, for even though it was only a whisper as I said it my lips parted, I looked this man dead in the eyes, and without emotion I spoke the words:

"I've killed braver men than you".

Not even waiting for me to get the second handful of cash into the bag the man grabs it off the counter and bolts for the door. As soon as he is gone I spring to action, telling my "substitute manager"(who is running around like a beheaded chicken yelling that she doesnt know what to do) to lock the door and getting the other teller to call the main bank office as I call the FBI. I taped off the robbery area and marked where the man put his hands on the counter and door. The robbery took less than 20 seconds. I spent the rest of that day coordinating the cleanup of the robbery with the bank security officers, the police and FBI.

Not once the rest of that day was I at all worried, nervous, or scared about what happened. Only now as I sit here and type this does full comprehension dawn on me. I am still not afraid, more simply shocked at the way I acted. I dont know why I did what I did, for it was purely on instinct and adrenaline, but somehow I just KNEW it was the right thing to do at the time. And it was, it got the robber out of there with very little money and no one got hurt. I'm now off to play more Eve, for there I am Nuggan, and I am that which is to be feared.



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envolope on :

you sir are a true pirate :-)

ludvik on :

Unbelievable, but I have no doubt that it happened. Excellent story - glad you made it out in one piece.

Spork on :

I used to respond to bank robberies all the time when I maintained camera systems. Bank robbers are among the stupidest and most cowardly of criminals.

Banks usually have a limit on how much cash is kept in a teller drawer, so the take isn't likely to be more than a couple thou, plus the robber gets his picture taken and the FBI on his case... Not really worth it.

They would make more by hitting a liquor store, but they're afraid of getting shot.

Calindra Kotay on :

How come you dont have any corpies anymore? :-(

Jark on :

Holy . . . just, wow. That's incredible.

Xorth on :

You sir have balls of steel!

Nuggan on :

"Banks usually have a limit on how much cash is kept in a teller drawer, so the take isn't likely to be more than a couple thou, plus the robber gets his picture taken and the FBI on his case... Not really worth it."

Yeah, though I cant give exact details since its still under investigation, I can say that I didnt even give the guy $500 before he ran.

"How come you dont have any corpies anymore?"

Well, most of my corp mates just slowly stopped playing and so far I havent had time to recruit and train others, though now that I quit my job I'll have more time to play and I'll be able to start up the corp again.

Torhas on :

Eve is a great thing, i remember my first PvP, im sure everyone know what i mean, the one where u shake and feel jumpy. But now, as a seasoned Pvper i feel very calm in stressful situations, for example a major one for me was the day i was parachuting, my chute failed, but calmly i was able to get the safety chute... Eve removes fear

Drachen Sturm on :

Torhas has it right - the adrenalized rush you get during PvP translates to RL. Your body doesn't know why you're all keyed up, it just responds. Doesn't matter if it's to a gate camp or a guy with a gun.

Great story, thanks!

Zeonos on :

nice telling you got there :-)..
when reading your views on the man with sweaty hands.
i almost though you were gonna grab the guy. but i must admit. very nice story. real or not :-) (thinks its real, if not, start on a crime book now!!!)

Nuggan on :

"when reading your views on the man with sweaty hands.
i almost though you were gonna grab the guy."

I took Aikido for years. I've had guns pointed at me for practice before, but never a loaded one. As it was the man was across the counter and out of my reach. If, however, he had been waving the gun directly in my face my instincts would have been to disarm him and break his wrist. I'm glad it happened this way though, its better that no one got hurt, including the robber. He was just a scared and desperate man doing what he thought he had to do.

Trazrik_ on :

Wow, very impressive! I could never work in a bank, as I would not allow myself tow work in a high-risk job like that without a weapon. I worked as a clerk in a drugstore for upwards of a year, but I certainly wasn't defenseless while doing it. Kudos for the brave face, I think you scared the shit out of that guy! :-)

PS. I still get a rush of adrenaline in pvp... I've now got about 10 kills to my credit, and the rush is either getting less, or i'm building a tolerance...

Colin Laney on :

Very nice story indeed, and although it might seem like a nerdy thing to thing about your reactions in a game, really its not.
Sure, a gatecamp or pirate in Eve is something else than a robber, but the situation is about the same, and you've been in such situations to numerous times, so you just have to make the translation to real life, where others have to learn it from the start.

Such things are why I like Eve so much, in some ways it really looks like real life.

kori'mh on :

This is quite an interesting entry, you can handle a situation in any world.

Looking for a recruit?
I'll think of joining your corp.... one day.

nuggan on :

Since I've posted this I've had numerous people request to join my corp. I'm still not very active at the moment, and I probably wont be untill after christmas, when I'll hopefully be getting a new computer. Untill then my laptop is in no shape for me to run my corp in. I'll post again here when I'm ready to start recruiting again.

master1177 on :

IM currently off right now as well (laptop broke). Oh and hey on my laptop if you fiddle around with the ingame settings and turn off the sound it wont lag as much :), but anyways once i get back on ill be looking for a corp so i was just wondering if i could aply. my character isnt that old maby a month and im only familiar to eve before revelations but im willing to learn.

Brane Ded on :

Great story, and you tell it well. You got me wanting to be a pirate now. I started over, so my character's a little too fresh to get into that now, I suppose, but one day...hehehe.

Maybe we'll cross paths one day, whether I'm on your side, or staring down your barrels. In the mean time, happy hunting.

Dubzi on :

Nah way dude, the same thing happened to me, but i grabbed the guy, and like a twig, i snapped his neck instantly he was dead. Then 10 of his henchmen entered the building, and with the grace of a swan, and the sting of a bee, i ruthlessly disposed of the thugs, with my nunchukka's. It was at the end of this bloodfest, the big boss entered the room, he breathed fire, and had 10 heads....anyways eve rocks.

nuggan on :

Um, wow... thanks for being a real jackass about this. Really mature.

Dubzi on :

your welcome, but it happened dude, i killed the boss, but level two now thats a diffrent matter, anyways first im gonna bed a few supermodels, then i'll get on with the next bit...

Vruce Kori'mh on :

From the real life situation I thought although that guy could of easily blown your head off, if the gun was loaded, if not just punched you instead.
If you spoke aloud the words you muttered because acting without thinking in bravery can easily turn the other way. The guy could of summoned enough courage to pull the trigger but thankfully for you the guy was panicking and getting worried, probably didn’t even hear what you said and just ran with the first handful of money in a panic.
Probably had the suspicion he'll get caught if he stayed any longer.
Anyway good story.
Looking forward to seeing you in EVE.... one day.

phae on :

Running through stressful situations when there is something of value at steak over and over you eventually become comfortable there. Its in the day to day situations you feel uncomfortabe in. After all that time being the hunter or prey, being neither seems odd. And eventually your instincts kick in. You may say apparently stupid things but, if you know what is in the other guys head, it is exactly the best thing to do.

Joe Monso on :

Nuggan, welcome back man and a great story. It's amazing when things like this come to you... I've had a similar situation happen to me and the key was to just stay calm. Like you said, the guy got nervous when you were in control... Very cool and so very true.

I look forward to reading more of your exploits bud, I haven't undocked Joe in ages and well, I have a few friends asking me to help start up a part time corp.. we'll just see what happens.

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