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Recruiting again...

Yes, thats right. Dragons of the Twilight Sun is once again starting up and we are ready to begin taking applications for new members. Due to some tweaking of my laptop I have been able to get combat to an acceptable level. I would like to stress this part :begin taking applications. The corporation probably will not get back into full swing untill the new year. Veteran pirates and new players are both welcome, but you may not be on a trial account. Training will be provided by myself and I will help you find what role you like to play in combat, and the corp will help with getting you a good pirating ship for your style of play. Corp members will share in all profits of the corporation which come from piracy and ship building. Ventrilo is required, though a microphone is not you must be able to at least listen. If you plan on being of any high rank in the corp however you will need a microphone.

To apply come down to Bosena and submit an application at our corporate headquarters or contact me in game via mail or convo.

And since we are again recruiting I feel obligated to post the:

Dragons of the Twilight Sun Recruiting video/Nuggan's Pirate Compilation volume 4

Edit/Update: You can now join channel Drotsrecruiting to get information about our corporation!


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Brane Ded on :

A quick question for my information and others who might wish to join.

Do you have a minimum amount of SP required to join? If so, how much?
Would you be willing to make an exception or two for players who aren't quite up to par but promise to take notes, stay out of the way when necessary, and try not to burden the corporation until they can become mostly self sufficient? :-D

Also, nice video, it made me touch myself.

nuggan on :

No, there is not a minimum SP required to join, I just require that you are not on a trial account and that you can use ventrilo. I'd be willing to have you yes, talk to me in game.

Thanks for liking the video. If you want to see more of mine they can be found in my other posts on this website.

locodekanko on :

I have a few questions and was wondering if I can contact you ingame.

nuggan on :

Of Course, anyone is welcome to mail or convo me.

Izo Azlion on :

If I had a third account, or time to spare, I'd be interested in making a alt character to come priate, tbh. This Merc business makes flying through low sec very painful :-P

Best of luck in your venture Nuggan. I'll recommend the corporation to anyone I see looking for a good pirate home.

Calindra Kotay on :

Are you US based?

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