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Twas the night before christmas....

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the system,

Not a ship was warping, if they did he wouldnt miss them.

Nuggan sat scanning the belts with care,

In hopes that miners soon would be there.

In the pod in his ship he sat and waited,

To pop or to ransom in his head he debated.

And so Nuggan waited, not a soul around,

in a good hunting spot safe and sound.

Not a target in sight, Nuggan thought it was bleak,

When into his system someone decided to sneak.

Seeing targets in local Nuggan scanned a slasher,

a couple of shuttles, a thorax and thrasher.

They warped to a moon and he followed in suit,

With these targets vs his ship their defenses were moot.

When, what to Nuggan's eyes should appear,

A deactivated POS, but why'd they come here?

Without hesitating he targetted them quick,

But he kept thinking "this must be a trick".

More rapid than eagles his lasers they came,

And they whistled, and shouted, and the victims called him by name;

"Its Nuggan! Its Nuggan! We shall all die!

Its Nuggan! Its Nuggan! Flee you fools, fly!"

Nuggan popped one, Nuggan popped them all,

But he wondered what sort of help they would call.

Answering their distress a hurricane warped in,

To not help his friends would be mortal sin,

Outmatched, nonetheless towards Nuggan he flew,

And spinning his ship Nuggan approached too.

And then, lasers twinkling, the battle began

But as quick as it started the hurricane ran.

Determined to not let him get away,

Nuggan chased, knowing this time he'd stay.

And now, warp jammer holding him in place,

The hurricanes explosion threw shards into space.

Nuggan heard him exclaim, ere his pod warped out of sight,

"You popped us all" And Nuggan answered "Merry Christmas and goodnight!"


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nuggan on :

Have a good holiday season everyone, see you next year!

Raelin Krens on :

Spreading some of that good ol' Christmas Fear.

Demtalin le'Mercennaire on :

Good work on the poem, Merry Christmas all.

Marie Antoinette on :

I was on Christmas eve, but must have missed you. :-(

Kainan Mai on :

A most excellent poem, happy new years!

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