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Drake Wars

The Sythe moved for the next rat, and I piloted my Reeper towards his last victim... He would have beaten me there but he was heading for the other rat. I got to the wreck and scooped up the crap loot, and headed for the next.

I was flagged, and all I had to do was hope that he would send those missiles my way. The final rat exploded and the Scythee turned back towards the rocks. Was he going to take the bait. I headed towards another rat wreck, bouncing off and then scooping the loot again. He still hadn't fired.

I waited around, moving randomly, closer to him... Then the familure sound of the missiles striking my ship... They took my shields down fast and the armor wasn't doing all too well either. Minmatar Rookie ships, worst of the worst. Even so, the ship jumped to warp before being blown up.

As I docked the Scythee pilot HazMann left me a friendly warning...

“don't steal and ya wont get attacked”

I smiled...

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Once Scotty had finished towing my Reeper into the bay, I moved in to my Muninn. and undocked as soon as I could.

Xary was slowly getting himself aligned for a warp in point... I cleared the station and warped right away.

Landing about 14KM from the Scythee I had it locked down in a matter of seconds. A quick chat over Vent and Xary and I decided this particular pilot might be worth hanging onto. I let my drones start eating at him, and I opened a convo, as his missiles desperately tried to get him some leeway.

[ 2007.02.06 01:00:50 ] Ilea Celentay > Join us in our life of crime and killing....
[ 2007.02.06 01:01:01 ] Ilea Celentay > or, loose your ship....
[ 2007.02.06 01:01:35 ] Xary > We actually are building up a Mercenary type of corp
[ 2007.02.06 01:01:51 ] Ilea Celentay > ye, piwacy is on the side lines :-)
[ 2007.02.06 01:01:51 ] HazMann > uh...not my style...
[ 2007.02.06 01:02:02 ] HazMann > i'm a peace loving kind of guy
[ 2007.02.06 01:02:09 ] Ilea Celentay > awww, huggles
[ 2007.02.06 01:02:28 ] Ilea Celentay > Your free to go
[ 2007.02.06 01:02:42 ] HazMann > thanks
[ 2007.02.06 01:03:13 ] Ilea Celentay > Have a good night... Nextime, don't pick ont the newbi ships :-)

He had a fighting spirit, but a good heart, for his time, and his effort we decided to let him live. This of course could have been a mistake. However, things turned out better that way.

The Scythe, wounded buy alive warped out, there was some chatter in the local channel, people trying to accuse us of stealing their ore, though we had not moved any into out station hangers yet tonight. So cheerfully we denied the allegations, claiming to be attempting to help out by providing new more stylish Jet-Cans.

A few minutes past and unexpectedly, HazMann had returned to the belt. Still flagged from the previous combat. Our convo was still open...

[ 2007.02.06 01:07:00 ] Ilea Celentay > You don't want to loose that ship, trust me :-)
[ 2007.02.06 01:07:28 ] HazMann > guess i should get one with a coule stabilizers?
[ 2007.02.06 01:07:32 ] HazMann > couple
[ 2007.02.06 01:07:58 ] Ilea Celentay > Nah, just be careful who you kill :-)
[ 2007.02.06 01:08:03 ] Ilea Celentay > or, try to :-)
[ 2007.02.06 01:08:22 ] Ilea Celentay > I let your Scythe go, I wont let the Cyclone
[ 2007.02.06 01:08:34 ] HazMann > don't want to kill...just wanted to let ya know that i was only chasing ya off
[ 2007.02.06 01:08:53 ] HazMann > ya sure ya wanna do this
[ 2007.02.06 01:09:04 ] Ilea Celentay > Are you?
[ 2007.02.06 01:09:25 ] HazMann > not really....but i have other better ships
[ 2007.02.06 01:09:34 ] Ilea Celentay > Well, lets get this done
[ 2007.02.06 01:11:23 ] HazMann > first pvp...thanks for the fun

He was a brave guy. Though unfortunately, not quite the most experienced... The cyclone soon met its end, leaving my Muninn damaged to 40% armor, but easily reparable.

It soon became apparent he didn't know it was a Muninn...

[ 2007.02.06 01:11:55 ] HazMann > nice setup on the ruppy
[ 2007.02.06 01:12:01 ] Ilea Celentay > Very good
[ 2007.02.06 01:12:33 ] Ilea Celentay > This isn't a Rupture
[ 2007.02.06 01:12:35 ] HazMann > i was spending too much time in the cyclone anyway
[ 2007.02.06 01:12:37 ] Ilea Celentay > It's a Muninn
[ 2007.02.06 01:12:41 ] HazMann > Muninn
[ 2007.02.06 01:12:49 ] Ilea Celentay > Yes....

We continued to chat a little as I waited for my Armor to repair. But then another unexpected turn. A Drake warped in at the belt, now about 50KM away since the combat had moved me out. It moved towards me before I had really realized and soon was stopped next to me. He dropped a can, a single missile, obviously a challenge...

[ 2007.02.06 01:15:38 ] Feng Schui > hey Ilea.. how about a real fight :-D
[ 2007.02.06 01:16:01 ] Ilea Celentay > I just had one thanks.
[ 2007.02.06 01:16:06 ] Feng Schui > pfft
[ 2007.02.06 01:16:52 ] Feng Schui > lets play
[ 2007.02.06 01:16:55 ] Feng Schui > play
[ 2007.02.06 01:18:21 ] Feng Schui > arazu + huginn versus drake

I hate Drakes and new I wouldn't be able to take it alone. Xary was still in the belt, cloaked in a Arazu, I moved towards him, and him towards me, as I moved away I dropped a can. Unfortunately Xary lost his cloak, but the Drake held his ground.

A few minutes later and the Drake was dampened and locked down....

We then engaged...

Hitting the Drake, even for my Minmatar artillery wasn't too much of an issue. We soon realized we wouldn't be able to use drones however, since he took them out pretty fast. We worked on his, whenever they came near, taking one or two out, but he kept pulling them back in.

The Drake fell to 75% shields, we held the pressure as best as we could...

The Drake fell slowly to 50....then rose back to 70... back to 50, back to 70... We couldn't break the tank. We couldn't let him go now... Se we discussed out options.

My Muninn had 2 Medium Nos fitted, reducing my potential damage, so we decided the fastest way would be to get some Heavy Missiles on board to add some Damage. I docked, leaving Xary holding the Drake, luckily being faster than him meant it would be impossible for the Drake to catch him.

I docked, fitted some Heavy Missiles, and bought some EM missiles. Unlocked and headed back to the combat area.

The missiles instantly helped with a good 90+ damage a him. Xary was using Explosive with a mear ~30 damage. It would help if I could get some EM to him, but the Drake was moving, we couldn't stop.

The only way was a transfer via a can, on the move at 160M/S... i increased my speed and moved slightly to the right behind Xary. Slowly and steadily I passed him, moving about 1K in from, communicating over Vent I informed him of the pending missiles, and Jettisoned them.

I held my breath as I moved away from them, and Xary moved towards them... Just as I thought they had moved to far, the can poped...

10 seconds later and now four EM missiles beating on the Drake we all saw a noticeable difference as his tank began to fail.

The Drake was going down, now nearly on Armor I convo'd the pilot.

[ 2007.02.06 01:50:20 ] Ilea Celentay > Join us and you can keep your ship
[ 2007.02.06 01:50:31 ] Feng Schui > corp or?
[ 2007.02.06 01:50:35 ] Ilea Celentay > yes, our corp
[ 2007.02.06 01:50:56 ] Feng Schui > stop firing a sec, lemme get some info :-) since i am looking for a corp, hehe
[ 2007.02.06 01:51:23 ] Ilea Celentay > We stop you regen, thats not a good idea for us
[ 2007.02.06 01:51:36 ] Ilea Celentay > We ain't got all day
[ 2007.02.06 01:51:47 ] Feng Schui > tell yea what.. if i decline, i won't activate modules, and self destruct
[ 2007.02.06 01:51:58 ] Ilea Celentay > Nah, your taking forever
[ 2007.02.06 01:52:10 ] Ilea Celentay > We will kill you...
[ 2007.02.06 01:52:10 ] Feng Schui > tell me about your corp then, like what you guys are about
[ 2007.02.06 01:52:17 ] Ilea Celentay > We are about PvP
[ 2007.02.06 01:52:22 ] Ilea Celentay > Times up, sorry...
[ 2007.02.06 01:52:23 ] Feng Schui > kk
[ 2007.02.06 01:52:41 ] Ilea Celentay > Your not worth losing the kill that took half an hour :-)
[ 2007.02.06 01:53:08 ] Feng Schui > /emote shrugs... just wanted some info =p
[ 2007.02.06 01:53:15 ] Feng Schui > prolly woulda joined though.. ah well

We couldn't risk letting the Drake have time to regenerate, so we had to keep the pressure up, it was late and we both needed to leave. We didn't have the time to break the Drake again.. As it exploded I sighed...

I headed for the loot as soon as I can within the wreckage there where 5 'Arbalest' Heavy Missile Launcher, a proto-type Cloaking device, and better still 2 Dark Blood Power Diagnostics.

The spoils of the long fight where good.

Another Drake was dead...

(Destroyed Items: Invulnerability Field II, Kinetic Deflection Amplifier II, Explosion Dampening Amplifier II, Damage Control II, Ballistic Control System II)


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Demtalin on :

Sounds like you had a very long an exhausting fight against that drake. The decision to go get heavy missiles was risky (leaving the team mate) but it looks like the move really paid off, and that was a good idea trying to drop the missiles on the move lol.

Do you think that he really would have joined or that he was just saying that to make you regret killing him?

Xary on :

I doubt he would of joined and felt he was stalling, tho hard to tell. When we tried to continue our convo after the battle, even offering to replace the Drake he closed the convo's.

Still hasn't responded to a eve mail I sent either so who knows. Was a long fight but worth it.

/salute Feng

Bill on :

No EM resists at all on his ship? He deserved what he got then.

Anonymous Coward on :

You really don't want Feng Schui in your corp, trust me ;-)

Sounds like he put up a hell of a fight though...

Feng on :

Holy crap!

Well.. wasn't this quite some time ago, lol... and I was just told about this thread, heh.

Yea, it was a cool fight, kind of boring on my part though =p sensor damped down by the arazu, couldn't do anything but kill the drones that where sent to do some damage :-|

Anyways, I would have upheld my end of the bargain by self-destructing, if I didn't like what the corp was about. Only fly what you can afford to loose, right? =)

If you guys still play, /salute

Dubious Drewski on :

Nicely done, though I was rooting for Feng :-P . I'd like to see how my Drake would fare against a couple of guys like you. I think I'd be even tougher to break, hehe. (my hole isn't EM)

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