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Friendly Locals

I didn't have long on line last night, but while I made some dinner, I decided to head out for a little pirating action...

Recently moved up to Caldari space, targets are never far apart, and quite soon I found a lowly Mining barge eating at the rocks...

I switch the can, and wait for the drones... and I wait.... and I wait...

He instead warps off, but I wait just in case he returns... A few moments later a Raven, then a Drake and then a Destroyer warps to the belt...

I was in a talkative mood, so I decided to amuse the locals with some chatter. I found it all quite funny, but since its quite long and not really important I will leave it out.

So, I stay at the can, hoping my miner returns for a fight, knowing the BS and BC can't do anything.

They start advertising a 'save mining belt' and I can't understand how they attempt to hold up to that.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
The miner I switched out earlier returns in a barge, guessing he thinks he can carry on now, so a few minutes later he dumps out a can, to which I wounder over and switch again. He isn't impressed.

So, I still don't get to shoot him though... Later still another miner heads in the belt, again looking to take the others upon the offer of free protected mining. So he dumps out a can, and I switch it...

At last, a dumb miner, he shoots me with all his drones, and I start poping them one at a time, so I have more time to effectively ransom the Barge later.

Suddenly a ton of drones start on me, more than the barge can have/use for sure... I make an emergency exit, unsure what had happened.

I repair and immediately return, to find the barge still there, so I lock and continue shooting. I look around too see who else is agrod, since there must have been some extra drones from someone, but I see the Raven is there still, and, I see a wreck... of the Drake...

So, once I beat off the final drones from the Barge, I attempt to Convo. But he regects, so since the locals know what I am doing, I offer to see if anyone else will pay the fair fee of 5m isk... and someone does.

Than I log for the night, 5 million better off.


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B on :

I'd like to read the convo log, should be funny.

Sorom on :

Did you grab the loot from the Drake wreck?

Klaus Lehmann on :

Man I love carebears. Game mechanics always result in some funny event in empire.

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