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The Red Fist

Today’s the day
Alyk shakily rose from his bed, his feat shuffling along the dust lined floor of his dark room.
Today’s the day we shape the future
He looked through tired eyes at his cramped room with his left-wing political propaganda covering every inch of grotty wall. He had only one thing left now for him, the one thing that had kept him going through his miserable run down shit-heap of a life. But at least after this day he could say he did something, he really had an impact on the shape of things to come. He hesitated at the exit of his room, staring down with a tearful eye at his uniform with the tiny Red Fist emblazoned on the jacket proving his loyalty.
Today’s the day of the revolution

"There I've told you everything I know, you fascist basta....."
The bloodied Red Fist operative spluttered his last few words at the guards before they finally decided he was useless and ended his life under their heavy boots. A small exhalation of air marked the amusement of one of the senior guards as he shrugged off the stare of a disgusted civilian.
"Where are your comrades now?" exclaimed the guard as he spat on the fleshy pulp beneath him.

Running the last few tests of his ships systems, Alyk admired the sleek beauty of his Thorax using the camera drones around his ship. Finally, checking his 250mm Carbide Railguns were loaded, he began the undocking procedures. He decided to take the opportunity to contact his comrades to confirm the system for the meet.
NY-154, only 4 jumps from here, excellent.
As he approached the final jump gate he started to pick up muffled chatter from the Red Fist ships that were already at the meeting point. Most of it was incomprehensible, but the odd keyword gave enough information for Alyk to build up a good idea of what was happening.
“…tipped off……stop sending……get the cap……is lost, abandon……glory to the revolu……”
Alyk’s heart was full of fear and adrenaline as he willed his ship into the final warp that would take him to the meet. It seemed to take for ever for his ship to finally finish the journey and decelerate from the warp, and when he finally reached his destination he let out a silent scream causing bubbles to ripple through the ectoplasm inside his pod.

As soon as his ship came out of warp he was confronted with what seemed to be a debris field. A huge chunk of hull from a Megathron battleship with the Red Fist insignia emblazoned on the side drifted less than 50 metres from his ship before being torn apart by Concord railgun fire tearing through the final hopes and dreams of the Red Fist revolution and Alyk’s only hold on sanity. Filled with rage Alyk targeted the nearest Concord ship to him and opened fire with everythinghe had. Salvo after salvo pounded at the shields of the Concord Celestis-class cruiser. Before long he had taken the Celestis’ shields down and blew it to pieces, setting his sights on a Concord Incursus, but he was running out of time and the other Concord ships were closing in.

Alyk’s last words were “Glory to the Red Fist revolution!”, which he screamed out as eight Concord Dominix-class battleships locked onto him and fired off their massive weapons, and all he heard before his ship was utterly destroyed were the words

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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