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The big issue

The war targets had been quiet for a few days now. Normally all docked up when ever we came by. So instead I spent my day pirating the local miners.

Turns out that near our new targets HQ there is some decent mining corporations. I was floating around in my Claw looking for unsuspecting miners and soon came across a small mining group, and another solo miner.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
I switched the cans for the group, while I waited for Xary to come and switch the solo miners. the group never moved so I stayed at the belt. The solo miner had Tech2 drones, which of course are a little tough on our weak Interceptors, but we had a plan. We took in in turns to warp in and out ensuring we held the mining barge. It didn't take long for it to pop, a mining laser survived, and so did all 5 of his drones.

Soon after we where about to head off when the larger mining corp moved in some combat ships, it wasn't long until they had too many for us to easily kill, defiantly withagro to all of them. Xary and I had our battlecruisers near by, so we headed out to get them, while our third member kept them interested in his Interceptor.

When we arrived back, we warped in to take out the Caracal and Hawk and Drake that had arrive to protect the mining operation. They where easy kills.

We had scooped up what loot w managed to get hold of and where soon to head out, when another ship - still agroed arrived...

It first looked to be a Raven, would be a tough fight but we might be able to take it... Then under closer inspection, we saw that it was more than that. A Raven Navy Issue had decided to get us back.

We new there was no way for us to get a CNR in 2 BC and a Interceptor, and agro with the rest of the corporation still... So we came up with a plan. I stayed on the belt, warping in and out, taking a few shots at the Raven, ensuring I keptagro, and he kept interested...

It took 20 minutes for Xary to return, in that time, myself and my corporation member kept getting shot by the CNR to ensure that upon the arrival of Xary we could still engage.

We thought that after the guy had shown off his CNR, and scared us off enough so that they could haul the ore out they would have left... But instead it took them awhile to get ownership of their ore. Worked well for us.

Upon Xarys return he headed to the belt in a Newbi ship, sole back their ore and headed to the Raven, it only took a second for the Raven to pop the small Ibis.

Xary then docked, and swapped ships... and headed back to the belt.

We can't imagine what the CNR pilot though when the Dominix warp scrammers locked onto him. As soon as Xary had him, Myself and my corp mate warped in to help out.

It didn't take long for the CNR shields to fail under Xarys Tech 2 heavy drones, and over 3 Heavy NOS between us. the shields fell, and the armor fell faster...

2007.03.10 22:05

Victim: -Hidden-
Alliance: None
Corp: -Hidden-
Destroyed: Raven Navy Issue
System: Litiura
Security: 0.5

The loot included a Dread Grista X-Large, that the pilot quick bought back for a "bargain" price of 200m. Along with some T2 BCUs, and Dark Blood Medium Nos.

His fittings included:
'Arbalest' Cruise Launcher I, Qty: 5
Gist B-Type Ballistic Deflection Field
Dread Guristas Ballistic Deflection Field
Heat Dissipation Field II
Gist B-Type Heat Dissipation Field
Parallel Weapon Navigation Transmitter
1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates I

It seems that the CNR was standard Mission fittings, well, mostly.

These kills make piracy worth while.


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Jordania on :

Hah nice work boys... wish that happened more often :-D

flashfresh on :

Nice work chaps and a nice payout too.

MinithJin on :

Nice kills, nice payout ;-)

Setana Manoro on :

LMAO ... "bargain" price.
DG X-Large SB is at around 100-120 mil. :-P

Ilea Celentay on :

We know, thats why it was a Bargin! We ofcourse looked it up before we sold it, but we sold it fast soon as he made the offer.

theOne on :

proof or stfu

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