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The day I almost killed a...

Well, it started out like a good day, the barge didn't even released any drones as I orbited speedily taking its Shields, armor and Structure...

I convo'd the pilot.

"10m or I will destroy your ship"... I feel a more direct demand is better suited to a pirates life, also think its more often going to get a result. He offerd 5, we settled on 7. He was free to go.

Minutes later and an Osprey pilot was facing the same fate. I was tanking is single heavy missile as I trudged though his shields. Double Large extenders I later found. "7m or I will destroy your ship". He didn't respond. I gave him more time, he wasn't an old character, I was open for negotiations. "5m or I will have to kill you" I repeated the demand. Still he didn't respond.

The osprey poped, a pretty boring explosion. No loot. No reaction from the pilot. I went on my way.

Again, minutes later I returned to where the Osprey life was taken short. The pilot had returned, in a Drake. I knew I couldn't tank it, but soon realised that he had Assault heavies. Shame didn't have any longer range ammo. At only 12d old the pilot would have had a pretty crappy tank, would have been able to beat it even shooting into fall off. But I couldn't be bothered. Attempted to get my Hurricane, but he was gone upon my return.

A good while later I waited away from the belt for the unhappy miner to return to his ore. I always move to fast, never patient enough. Warping in I saw he was already ago'd, he much have taken some of the ore with him before. Easy target. And another 2m ransom.

But that was just the beginning of the night. Three more jumps deeper I stubbled across a small mining op. An Amarr Apoc Battleship (looking back I expect he was also mining but with effects off, I wasn't didn't know) supporting two barges.

I moved to the can, and of course was locked. 5 drones orbiting the Apoc.

Cleared for publication by: Ander

I switched the can and set a fast tight orbit on the Apoc. Seconds later my shields where taking a beating from the drones. Seemed like I was going to be able to tank them. But each time one was destroyed a replacement was immediately sent after me.

I wasn't being NOS'd, my tank was holding for now. But as the drones kept coming I had to start thinking about leaving... At least for a moment. But things where not that bad, yet.

Another drone exploded, another, and anther, always being replaced. Then about 5 minutes into the fight no more drones where coming. I finished of the final drones. I expect there must have been at least 10 in total. Including of course some mediums.

Now with no drones I started pounding at the huge Apoc. The shields, ofcouse untanked still took a good few minutes to eat through. But I knew that armor of the tough Amarr Battleship would be quite different.

Down to 75%. I wondered if I had the ammo. 50%, any minute now I would see the Amarr ship pump power into the Large Armor repairer and I'd be back the start again, could I beat its tank?

30%, the pilot must be showing off, getting my hopes up.

10%, local blinked. "i'll be back >:)" threatend the Apoc pilot, "No tank" I replied. "wasnt needed till now" he responded.

I was shocked. The Amarr Battleship was going down, flames and explosions ravaged its structure, he couldn't shoot, he couldn't warp, he couldn't run.

75% structure, time for a reload. This might be all I need to finish it off. Unbelievable. 60%. A warning light blinked on my overview.

A Drake dropped from warp. One of his fellow miners from earlier.

Twenty-eight seconds later my Rifter exploded.

Today was the day I nearly killed an Apoc.

(In hindsight I had only 2 minutes of corporation agro. Maybe I should have warped out near the beginning and "pretended" I was beaten. Maybe they would have continued to mine while I would wait out the corporation agro and return. Its a good possibility the Drake was simply waiting which is what they implied, so that I would nearly kill the Apoc. if so, was a good sport, and a good laugh, if not, then I am sure they will remember that day too.)


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sakana on :

killing an apoc, mining or otherwise, is no easy task in a rifter. looks like you almost had him, good job

MinithJin on :

Nice job :-)

I used to can bait in an interceptor and the same sort of thing often happened to me :-(

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